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Any hams going to GWVI

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If you are a ham and you are going to GWVI here are some repeaters you might find usefull


large area coverage

147.195 PL123, covers parts of the San Francisco area to Sacramento, it also has links to lake Tahoa and Reno


147.060 Covers San Fransicso to Sacramento area


145.330 Covers San Francisco to Sacramento


Local Sacramento area repeaters


146.610 PL 136.5


145.190 PL 82.5


The 440 machines have been get down in N. Cal. due to issues with Beal AFB. as a result the 440 repeaters in N. Cal. are not very usefull anymore. They may be shut down in N. Cal. by GWVI.

You can use 440 simplex though.

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I was in Wheatland last sunday scouting areas to hide a couple of ammo boxes. I may go in the next day or two.

I am right down the road from you in Rancho Cordova

There are a more geocacher hams in the Sacramento are.

Old Hippy KI6CPB

Team Bootie travelers KB6SYW

Marky is K6FTF

There are more but I do not remember their call signs

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You can use a Mag Mount antenna, that way you do not have to drill a giant hole in the roof of your car.


I think a Mag Mount is the least of your worries if you are adding a radio in the car.


I think her concern is that I'll try to add that to the "Things I do while driving" list. Currently, its:

  • Looking at GPS
  • Looking at nRoute on laptop
  • Reading about the next cache on the list
  • Changing Batteries in one the many devices
  • Taking pictures of Locationless cache places for Terracaching.com
  • Eating
  • Drinking another carbonated beverage
  • Listening to iPod
  • Changing the Podcast I'm listening to on the iPod
  • Looking for this, that, or the other thing thats just behind her seat
  • and THEN driving!

Did I miss anything?


The Steaks

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