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Best Current on Line Deals on Colorado


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Last I checked, PCNation.com had the best price, but they were still on "pre/back-order."


I had one backordered at PCNation for over a month before REI’s exorbitant piracy campaign ended 2/11/08. I’d be very upset if I were a Garmin Distributor! PCNation had the best price I could find but from what I gather, PCNation won’t see any until April – May. I ended up buying at GPSnow for less than $30 more and had it 2 days later.

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Wow! April!! That is a little lomger than I wish to wait for my 300. Has anyone had any experience with GPS Now? I almost ordered from them, and I have filled out a form on Tiger GPS to see if they will match GPS Now pricing since I have dealt with them.




I got mine from gpsnow.com. They got it to me quick and the Colorado they sent me is great. I think you have 30 days to exchange it for a different one if the one you get is defective. I'm not sure that you can return it and get something else if it's not what you want...this may be the same deal as most places though.

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I ordered my Colorado 300 from GPSNow -- $426.54 with overnight shipping for an additional $14.28 to DFW. Ordered it Thursday afternoon, shipped Thursday night, arrived Friday before lunch.


Their return and DOA policy is rather strict, but I trust Garmin to do the right thing if I get a dog, so I'm really not worried.


On this particular order, they offered free USPS shipping, $ 0.33 for standard FedEx, $1.40 for 2-day, $14.28 for standard FedEx overnight and $16.82 for FedEx priority overnight.

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