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One GPS to rule them all!

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What GPS do you use and which one do you wish you had?!? :laughing:


I bought a Colorado 400t a little while ago and LOVE it. To use it for geocaching is like "using a cannon to kill a fly" as one reviewer said, but it is fantastic to go paperless with just a GPS and I haven't had any of the issues other owners have. I think its a great unit and it is yet to disappoint me.

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Delorme PN-20 for in the woods & a Nuvi 360 for the road.


I tried a friends 60Csx before getting those two. Couldn't stand having to look at the screen to see where to turn each time, and the beep warning it gives you can barely be heard over a car stereo even a low volume. That and I found Garmin's topo maps to be way off in a lot of areas.

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Garmin 60Csx


I'll get a Garmin Colorado in a year or so....once they work right.


Drooling, you do realize that the Colorado units that aren't "performing" are suffering from User Error, don't you? I guess you don't.


If you understand the unit and what the limitations are, your unit will perform well. If you don't ...

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The one my surveyor uses - accurate to within 5mm (that's right, not 5 meters, 5 millimeters)

How much are those?!?

if you have to ask, you can't afford it.


as in, thousands...

Besides, if you had one that was accurate to 5mm it would do make it any easier to find the cache unless the person that hid the cache was using a GPS that was accurate to 5mm


as far as what I use. Utill my truck got broken into two nights ago :lol: I was using a Garmin street pilot 320 and a Magellan explorist 500, Now it is back to the Meridian gold with direct routs and sport track color, the new explorist 500 should be here today.

Now I just have to replace 3 ham radios, a PPC, and a scanner. :D:D

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It'd be much better if I could easily make custom maps without needing the super expensive cgpsmapper.
Why not use the super free version?

That cgpsmapper.com in every corner bothers me. And I'd like routing. The road data for my county and really even my state isn't half bad.

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What GPS do you use and which one do you wish you had?!? :blink:

I have a Vista HCx with both City Navigator and Topo maps installed.


It is all I could wish for, small, convenient size, logical buttons, easy-to-use "click stick" navigation, auto-navigation, and good accuracy. :D


I second that!! There are units with more bells and whistles, but dollar-for-dollar, the Vista HCx has a lot to offer.

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