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Garmin Vista HCx - What maps to buy?

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Hi all,

Just made the transition from a Magellan 3000T to a Vista HCx for geocaching.


I'd like to give my wife the Magellan for her car and use the Vista for both directions and geocaching, so I was wondering what map product I should buy from Garmin.


I see there is City Navigator Software and also Citty Navigator installed on a SDMicro card - are these just really the same thing? If I buy the software then I just buy a blank SDMicro card and upload the maps through the USB?


Or am I missing something? Any recommendations would be helpful!


Thanks! :laughing:

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You want to get the City Navigator maps on the DVD. Then you can install them on as many computers as you use, which is helpful for planning your caching adventures.


You could also get the Topo maps and install both types on the Vista HCx. Because the Topo maps don't have an Unlock Code, you can get the older, less-expensive version on eBay. I got the auto-routing maps in a combo package with the cigarette-lighter adapter and beanbag auto-mount.

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My recommendation would be to get the City Navigator 2008 non-NT versionon DVD for your Vista and a 2GB micro SD ($14 online). I originally installed the NT version and it slowed screen refresh noticeably. Also the Topo 2008 complement Navigator real well, but make Navigator your first priority since you mentioned :

use the Vista for both directions and geocaching
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