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Evil Micro 2008 - Now for sale


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SWEET! We get 08's!!! Are ya gonna have a LE Glow??? I will definatley be gettin a set of these guys! Although i hate to say that the 06's were the best!-I just love that OG Evil Micro dude...wish I had it in a hat! :o


Sure wish i could come across a 06 Glow, then I would have em all! :blink: ... :o

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seems to be something wrong with the pricing (one coin $34.97) :o , i take the set ;)


now the coin has it's correct price :D


Yes... but working it out the XLE adds over $11 to the price for getting the 5 Pack over getting 3 RE's and 1 LE. Surely that can't be correct.

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