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Introducing the Jukebox geocoin

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Jukebox Memories Geocoin


I'm thrilled to announce our second coin design and we hope you like it as much as we do. I know there are a lot of coins coming out right now and I hope this one will still be able to fit into your budgets. I held off on announcing this coin so as not to interfere with the other coins that have been coming out. I just didn’t expect so many to keep coming. So I guess now is as good a time as any to bring it out.





The coins are 2" x 1.25", 3mm thick Brass based metal with Imitation Hard Enamel coloring and a unique icon. They are a sun catcher type coin with translucent color filling in the cut out areas.



Gold Plated: 150 minted

Nickel Plated: 75 minted

Black Nickel: 25 minted (Sold out)


Icon: icon32x32.gif


I hope you like ‘em....



Link to Nickel Plated Coin : $9.25

Link to Gold Plated Coin : $8.50


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Theotokos, you broke the "no more cool coins until March" rule!


Don't worry, that didn't stop me from ordering a couple. :rolleyes:


I'm glad you were able to get some but I know what you mean about the timing - I've already blown the budget too. We started on this one well before Christmas and I naively thought this would be one of the first of the year. Boy was I wrong :wacko: And of course ever coin coming out seems to be a "must have".

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Got my gold coin today and what a great looking coin! I activated it and no juke box icon. :) Hopefully it will show up later.


Ya, I'm not sure why it's taking so long to get the icon up? I will check and see if I can find anything out.


I just heard back that the icons should be loaded in the next 5-7days - or sooner

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