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1st cointest

Frank n Beck
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Ok, We have been on here for awhile and I think its time for us to do a cointest. Its just a simple guess the numbers one. I will give away one of our V3 Geojelly "Red the Dog". Here is all you have to do: Guess the number of DVD's I own. Can post as often as you want with a 10minute wait in between guesses. The first person to guess correctly wins. I will give hints every so often till someone wins. Good Luck and have some fun. You guy and gals get started and I will go and count them. Thanks for playing.

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Hmm...That is a tricky question!!! If you own a DVD club, there is a possibility to have more than 2000!!!


Do you cound any VCD's?


I have a lot of DVD's too! Most of them are gifts from newspapers! I think I have more than 400!!! :D


Anyway, I will probably see a hint when I wake up tomorrow! Here is Greece, it is 4 in the morning!!!


My quess for now.... 387!

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