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Mugglers! What do I do?


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You are fine. The cache location is compromised. You are fighting a losing battle. Your intent was for the cache to remain in place for a long time, however real life got in the way. Archive and call it a lesson learned.


The guidelines don't mean that you need to keep replacing the cache as a futile effort. They merely mean that you plan on leaving the cache in place for at least a few months. After that time and chance happen and you can only shrug and say 'oh well'.

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I took a quick look at a map of the area and I'd say archive it since gardeners (or upkeepers) will constantly find it. If you really like this spot, though, is there street sign to which you could attach a micro right there? That's an appropriate hide for this location.


However... is that a small park just to the west (or just a really big yard)... ???

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I found this cache and I think the issue is that it looks like a piece of junk and is sitting in the open in the landscaping. Anyone who attends to the landscaping will take it everytime and trash it. You can use the same container, but you'll have to move it where it won't be trashed again and again. Or cammo it better and move it just a little to keep it from being spotted. Either it is a cool container.


To answer the question though. You can go ahead and archive it no problem. People won't be bothered. However, people will be bothered if it stays disabled longer than necessary.

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