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2008 CITO coin

Pika Wants Cake
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No special shirts or coins this year! Seems Groundspeak is showing their real interest in CITO. Does it take a WITO (Wherigo trash out) event to get their attention now.
Seems you make assumptions, Herd.

Just speaking purely from personal experience... I can understand why someone would make the comment that The Herd did. I have found it frustratingly hard trying to get concrete information about what CITO stuff will be available this year - my local supplier, GPSCentral.ca told me they would be getting the T shirts in stock this year for the same price as last year, but the threads here indiciated that there would be no new T shirts or coins.

I asked MissJenn a few times if there would be anything else available and what the reasoning was behind the decision not to make the coins and T shirts. I did not get an answer to this question.

I am of the opinion that from my limited perspective, both items have always been very popular Geocaching gifts/prizes/keepsakes etc. so was surprised to see that they were not being repeated this year.



I am others here are forced to speculate as to what the reasons are.


My best guesses are:

1) The sponsorship was undecided until too late to get the designs worked out and the items made. (Remember last year? The coins were not shipped until after the International Day).


2) There was (perhaps) a lot of left over stock last year and Groundspeak does not want to repeat the problem.


3) There is a conflict with another promotion - perhaps another sponsor has secured the rights to make all clothing (for example) and there is a moratorium whilst those details are worked out.


4) The CITO's are lower priority than everything else and merchandising for them is not considered necessary.


All I wish is that Groundspeak would have made an announcement at the time of the announcement of the official CITO International date something along these lines:


"We are sorry to say that the decision has been made to not produce 2008 CITO T shirts and coins this year due to ..... . We are however ready to listen to suggestions for the 2009 CITO year."


I respect that Groundspeak is at liberty to make it's own business decisions - but in the enlightened era we know live in, and with the ease of communication that we are afforded, and in light of the fact that Groundspeak does have it's own CITO webpage and forums, a little more information forthcoming would have been really appreciated.


Am I being unreasonable?



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