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I would recommend getting the City Navigator maps that come on a DVD. You can install those maps to as many computers as you use so you can plan you trips and view the Tracks after you return from a "caching adventure." These maps can only be installed to one GPS unit.


If you get a 2 GB card, I believe you can install the entire US, but I'm not sure. Someone else can chime in on that. You can also get Topo maps and install those to your GPS unit at the same time you install the auto-routing City NaVIgator maps. Topo can be very helpful when you are hiking.

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Well I just got the Vista HCx to replace my Magellan 310 I used for hunting. My wife got me a Nuvi 200W for Christmas and I was immediately hooked on the maps. I now have City Navigator for the contiguous states and Topo 2008 for all the states west of the Dakotas loaded on on a 2Gb micro SD and still have 147Mb for tracks. I have used the Vista for street navigation and it's not bad , the only short coming is the small screen and old eyes.

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