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Welcome to geocaching. You are in for a lot of fun.


Trackable items come in several forms the most common being tags and geocoins. Tags are light aluminum disc which you attach to an object. The tag carries the tracking number. Geocoins are coins which you do not attach to an object. They have a tracking number inscribed on them.


Yes, you do have to buy them and no they aren't available locally and you can't make them because you do need a controlled tracking number. Each type are available from several sources. You can either Google them or find adverts at geocaching.com.


If you buy the tags choose you object carefully. It must fit in a cache, be weather resistant and not be so valuable as to tempt theft. Also bear in mind that someone needs to carry it from cache to cache. A little imagination means you can choose an object which will provide a lot of fun to others baggers. Geocoins are more convenient but they are attractive and there are many collectors. They tend to have a short life span before leaving the environment to take up permanent residence with some selfish so and so.


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