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Detail level of MetroGuide Canada vs NorthAmerica 2008?


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Hello again.

I seem to have a lot of questions today. Anyhow...


For those of you that owns or knows...


I have a old (not sure how old) MetroGuide Canada v4 and City Navigator North America NT 2008.

Both are installed to my MapSource on my computer. When I am looking at the province of Ontario, Canada it seems that MetroGuide Canada has a lot more details? compare to CNNT NT 2008?


Is this just it SEEMS or does it actually have lot more detailed maps? Obvious difference would be MetroGuide Canada not having some of the newer roads and such. Also few color difference on parks, airports and lakes alike.


???(by the way, I am only talking about the details of Canada from both maps)???

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I like succenct answers. And Yes is short and sweet.

I have both for two reasons. I like the maps in Metro Guide, the data is from a Canadian firm and tend to be a bit more detailed.

I got City Navigator for our few trips into the US. I did find that City Navigator has a few more parks and trails in for Canada too. For example here in the Victoria BC area, we have a trail system called the Galloping Goose that hase been in existence first as a trail track, then in the 1980s as a walking trail. It shows in City navigator bit not in MetroGuide.




Victoria BC


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