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Paris Hilton, International Traveller? CONTEST


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Please see my LOOK AT ME!!! travel bug (Feb 4 2008 log entry) for contest details.


Watch it and win two sets of unactivated travel bugs -- good for tracking your hitchhiker items to any one of over 515,068* geocache locations worldwide.


*travel bug hitch hikers cannot be left in virtual, webcam, or nano geocaches. The actual number of physical locations is less than 515,068.


"All expenses" are limited to the cost of the travel bug tags plus shipping and handling.


Please post any questions or comments here.


Thanks for watching! :ph34r:

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If the purpose of DNA is to construct a vessel advantageous to getting itself replicated then I would submit that this particular grouping of amino acids has been successful. :rolleyes:

Yes, but the only other type of nucleic-acid-carrying body that exists solely to replicate itself, without regard to its environment... is a virus.




:) Uh-oh.

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Paris Hilton's comedy "The Hottie and the Nottie" was released this weekend, bombing with around $25,000 in 111 theaters for an average of about $225, according to an estimate from Media By Numbers. Distributed by Regent Releasing, the movie stars Hilton as a bombshell who refuses to date until her ugly best friend finds love.


With ticket prices at around $9, that's about twenty-five paying customers per theater over the weekend. Four showings per day times three days in the weekend... that's about TWO VIEWERS PER SHOWING!

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