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Cointest for the best cointest


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My how time flies when you are on holidays and waiting for coins to arrrive! One of the prize coins is a special not for sale silver. i'll try to get a good photo. The engraving will be done next week sometime delivery will be very late April as I'm away for a while.


Event winner is Spottedgirl hunter for xmarks the sport

acadiahiker congratulations - the random.org gods favour you


aarggh the others are a hard pick may have to just get another random number! I'll go consult the kids. hang ten :laughing:

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oh the jury was no help!

Son likes BIG things and thinks that would make a cool mission for a coin to visit BIG things (aussies are obsessed with these structures) so in that vein I think Team Chelmo for what I know about NZ for sheer number of posts! wins the International ( it also fits well with what other son says makes a good contest - the size of the PRIZE lol )


and forum well that was hardest so many interesting ways of encouraging and inviting sharing think I nearly had to chuck a dice

So honourable mentions for the out of the box thinking FSM for making an FSM

Yemonyime's haiku

Nochipra's xmas recipes


and the winner of the silver is 007BigD for 007BigD's Geobun name that cacher cointest

a cointest that was different, happy and a wonderful way to share something special in their lives.


thanks to everyone who played! Please pm me your snailmail if you are a winner. You will get a prize in the mail or you can activate it and have the prize travel Australia

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:( You go away for a while and this sort of thing happens :D


It great to see everyone in here is the same friendly bunch they have always been (or mostly anyway ;) )


Thanks to acadiahiker for the nomination and of course forthferalz for the cointest :D


In case anyone was thinking I had fallen off the planet, I have actually started my own company and had a few hassles re that just recently (haven't even had time to go caching :ph34r: ), all seems to be honky dory now (fingers crossed). Hopefully things will settle in to a rountine and I can come back to visit you guys again before too much longer :D


Keep on coining!!! Go the Crusaders!!!


Thanks again to my Trans Tasman mate :D

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:ph34r::( HOLLY SMOKES!!! ;):D ...How freakin cool!


Ya know, I never even saw this cointest! I saw it a couple times while browsin, but never looked into it-Just assumed it was over!-Nope


Thank You so much...That is really a nice coin and to think it will be engraved is even better- I already love it!!!...and EmmaGem does too!


What a funny cointest...Man if I had nominated a cointest, I think I would of nominated Chelmos Brother, KeeWee's..."Its my birthday cointest" ill have to see if I can find it. It was a really funny cointest and alot of fun too! Man where do we come up with these things some times?


Thanks Fortheralz, when time comes again for the cointests of cointests...You bet this'll be there :D You made my day!...Wait- Is this an Aprilfools Joke? :D ....JK~ Thanks again!


Email on the way!


Congrats Chelmo-We Got One!!!!!! and it comes from the land of OZ!!!!! COOOL!

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Congratulations to acadiahiker, Spottedgirl, Team Chelmo, and BigD & Emma!! This was a fun cointest and I bet it was hard to pick winners. I'm especially happy that BigD and Emma won, their cointest was just great!

And thank you to DafunkyFrogs...couldnt of done it without ya! :ph34r:

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I had a dreadful day in town - the worst was my bag with the prizes ( not handbag ) got 'lost' from a coffee shop B);) I'll put an APB out on the radio tomorrow am and leave it a day but I'm not hopeful. Easy to replace with another except they were all engraved and there was a TB heading to NZ in chelmos bag waaah

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