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Dutch Mega Event GC18DE6

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I've uploaded a public route to the Dutch Mega Event GC18DE6 event from the French side of the EuroTunnel.

keywords: eurotunnel, gc18de6

EuroTunnel to GC18DE6


Anyone driving, feel free to use it if you want.


I've booked the train: depart Folkstone 5th April @ 0220, arr Calais @ 0335, which should give plenty of time for caching on the way up there ;)

Return booked for 6th @ 14:50, arr Folkstone @14:25.

(Times are correct allowing for time differences).

Train cost - only £62.09 for car and up to 4 occupants. Times appear to be immaterial in terms of cost.

Booked through aferry.to

For two of us going this has worked out cheaper than flying from airports close to home and gives the chance for some mad caching on the way - what's my name ??


edit: thick fingers !!

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Yay! Looking forward to some more random caching on the way there, the last journey wasn't so successful...seasickness pills sure knock you out, and when you do eventually wake up, all you get are DNFs!

Hoping for more luck this time! :blink:


Let the train take the strain ......... cheaper than the ferry too :lol:

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I dunno £23 each way with norfolk line!


Its a lot quieter coming off the other side too. Only downside its a longer sailing at 90minutes. Thats where the tunnel really wins!


Woohoo Amsterdam!


Dunkirk is a lot quieter than Calais, but the train will give us more caching time on the other side ;)

Ferries I looked at were around £70 return. But then it sometimes depends on times etc...

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Mmmm...tempting to catch the Geotrains to the event starting from St Pancras :lol: Let's see what Mrs. goldpot is up to - are there shops nearby :lol:


London St. Pancras International Sa, 05.04.08 dep 08:05 EUROSTAR


Bruxelles-Midi Eurostar Sa, 05.04.08 arr 10:56

Bruxelles-Midi Eurostar Sa, 05.04.08 dep 10:56 transfer 18 min.


Bruxelles-Midi Sa, 05.04.08 dep 11:15 IC 9221 Intercity


Schiphol (Airport) Sa, 05.04.08 arr 13:49 1-2

Schiphol (Airport) Sa, 05.04.08 dep 14:10 1-2 5749 Regionalzug


Bussum Zuid Sa, 05.04.08 arr 14:53

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Just about ready to go.


Leaving home lunchtime Fri, caching En Route to Folkestone. Then a "few" on the other side of the water. Should be arriving at the event between 10 and 11 am Sat.

Camping Sat night and driving (caching !!) back Sun.


According to Mapsource, the whole trip will be around 1200 miles :D Depending on how many detours we take looking for caches :rolleyes:


What's my name :laughing:

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