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What maps do reviewers use


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Hey there CT.... Just as a side note....

Most (if not all) Provinces have there GIS mapping online for everyone to use. I know here in Sask I have dropped a few of the questionable cache locations into the system to see if they fell into a park area and passed the info along to the cacher and reviewer. Excelent system.... but I still have issues converting to an extended UTM grid so I can drop them all in at once. lol

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I have access to the Provinical survey plans (Cadastral Data), as well as sensitive fauna, flora, eco-systems, contact info for all property and much more. These I can use, not distribute.


I was asking because from comments made their reference must be out of date by some time.


converting from UTM can be done using a free demo copy of FME, it can effecently convert to nad83 lat & long a demo lasts 2 weeks



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We use a combination of maps and information from you, the cacher submitting a cache.


From what I hear it appears that the revewers are likely using the "not so accurate" federal 1:50,000 series maps stuff as I have been told they can be as far as 500 meters off on them, many are mislabeled even in the latest series which is based on the 1970 series with little to no updating. For example most of the divided highways in Atlantic Canada are either not present, or were mapped differently so that they are not as on the map.


I have been told that in New Brunswick there are dozens of caches on the median (not to mention the shoulder or woods) if highway 1 and 2 (a 110 KPH expressway) as the highway is mapped several hundred meters offset from reality.

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Yesterday I asked Misha where the cache was that the reviewers were concerned with. It is on the so called multi use trail. If I understand where he has hidden it it is not on the airports land at all. I trust that he knows where he is anyplace around here is.




PS: I wouldn't suggest walking that rail trail We (myself included) race are quads there. My GPS has has recorded 152 KPH (~90MPH) there is no time to look for slower traffic.

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