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Newbie needs help/60csx orVistaHcx


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Hi, I been reading post for about a month on which units to buy. I'm lookingat the Vista HCH or the 60 CSX. In the past when buying things I alwaysbought the least expensive thing it would work. Well as I grew (older) I found it was better to spend the money up and get what you wanted and be happy. I will be using the unit for a Hunting gps ( I get lost in the woods easy) I also need it for road navagation to get to new hunting spots and places arround town. I also will get into Geocaching also. So I will need one to to both. Price is not a issue here becauseI found it better to spend it up front and get what you want. I found a thread about the grey screen in the Vista on startup when cold that bothers me, but I found this on that problem. "Describe a "washed out screen". When I first power on my HCx in Massachusetts, the screen is relatively dark. After it's on, I tap the power button once and then toggle the joystick up so that the screen is set to its highest brightness. Always works great. I have yet to have to power down and then back on again. A few weeks ago when I was logging power poles, it was 2 degrees F and it performed like the champ that it is."


Well enough said any advise would really help thank you.


Brad :blink:

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I have had a 60csx for about 1 1/2 years. I really like it. It was the best you could get in handheld from Garmin until the new Colorado units came out.


I would think that the 60csx will soon be a thing of the past and you should be able to get one cheap real soon.


Very rugged unit, gets and keeps signal very well. If you don't mind buying the maps it will route on the highway, woods, water, wherever.


Batteries last me about 19 hours.


Never have used a Vista nor have I ever been in temperature lower than 25 with my Garmin so I can speak about the cold.

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This is an often discussed decision on the forums. I have had a vista HCx for about a month. So far it has worked great. I saw the washed out screen once, but have not seen it again.


The HCX is a little newer than the 60CSx, so there are a few minor bugs being worked out, mostly around the odometer function, and some altimeter issues. A few quick searches and you can find those discussions.


One point to consider is the receiver used in the two models. The 60cxs uses the Sirf, and the vista HCx uses something different. There is debate about the performance of the Sirf verses other High sensitivity units with no clear winner. I only mention it as some posts suggest the receiver in the Vista HCx may be the reason for some of the bugs.


The vista is smaller, and the buttons are located differently. I would suggest going to REI or somewhere and look at and hold both models.


Good luck!



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I have the Vista HCx, but have used the 60CSx. I prefer the buttons on the Vista HCx and prefer the action of the "click stick" compared to all the separate buttons on the 60CSx. I also prefer the smaller size for hiking.


It really comes down to personal preference, so getting a chance to hold each of them before making a purchase is a good idea. The 60CSx does seem to have more "cool factor." :blink:

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I have owned a Vista CX and now own a 60CSX and have used a Vista HCX and I can tell you that both units are very good. My two complaints with the 60 CSX would have to be that after using and owning a Vista CX I do notice that the screen resolution is not as good on the 60 CSX. Another thing is the screen isn't as bright. This does not make it a bad unit though because both are very acceptable for me. The reason I bought the 60 CSX is that I prefer a larger unit, I like the larger screen size, I really like the button layout with the find button right there as a selection for me. I am the type of person who can and will "get used to" just about anything with my only BIG requirement in a GPS is reception. I absolutely must have reception when I want it, after all any unit is only a good one if you can use it every time you turn it on. If you buy either unit you will see what I am talking about when you are under heavy tree cover and still holding 20FT accuracy.


Good luck,



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When cost is not a factor and as above posters have said it really just boils down to personal preference, both are great units. I have had the 60CSx for 1 1/2 years and have been well pleased with it. I also have used the Vista HCx and also like it, but for my needs I prefer the 60CSx with it's push buttons and larger screen. I use mine for auto routing, hunting, ATVing, and Tenn. River navigation. So with the majority of my uses a small size and a very long battery life are not as important to me as the buttons and larger screen.


If I were backpacking for several days, or mtn biking where size and the longer battery life are major factors then I wouldn't hesitate to get the Vista HCx.


The map screen on the Vista with no data fields displayed is about the same size as the 60CSx's map screen with 1 or 2 data fields being displayed. Nothing says you have to display any data fields on the map screen page, but if you should choose to, then the map screen page on the Vista HCx does get about a 1/4" shorter and really starts to appear small.


Best advice I could give is consider how you will be using it (is hunting all), is a battery life of 26+ hours compared to 16+ hours a deciding factor, and will I be trying to use it while doing somthing else such as driving, ATVing, boating, etc. where the buttons may make it easy to operate when you can't give it all of your undivided attention and then go compare each side by side.


From other posts on the forum, http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=184230 it appears that Garmin may have changed the backlighting on the newest models of their HCx or the latest firmware update my be affecting it also. If this is the case, then no logner having the nice bright crisp screen on the Vista HCx would definitely be a strike against the HCx with it's smaller screen.

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My two complaints with the 60 CSX would have to be that after using and owning a Vista CX I do notice that the screen resolution is not as good on the 60 CSX. Another thing is the screen isn't as bright.


I havent really owned a HCx units and my experience with 60CSx is still kind of limited but I wouldnt say that screen brightness or crispiness is a problem with 60CSx. Maybe, when compared side to side, but in real use, while hiking or driving - the screen is bright and clear enough for me. In fac, I keep brightness level around 35-45% most of the time when using it in car and have no trouble reading it. Outside the screen is readable even without backlight.

Ofcourse, its winter here, so I cant really say how the unit behaves in mid summerday, but I expect it to be readable even then.


Just saying that dont let that to hold you back when choosing.


Battery life however is another issue. However - you should always carry a spare pair of batteries anyway :ph34r:


If you can - go and try both units, hold them in your hand, access various functions, etc etc. and see what you like best :)

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I was in the same boat as you. I researched and researched and read everything I could find about the units. I first wanted the Triton 1500. And thinks to wonderful people like on this forum I figured out that wasn't the best idea since they had so many problems. Then back to the "drawing board" so to speak. I was looking at the exact two you are looking at. I liked the smaller size of the HCx over the 60. If you go to garmins website you can do a side by side comparision of the two units you will see that the units are pretty much the same. The screen is bigger and the unit is a little bigger on the 60 then the Vista. But really comes down to personal. I am really happy with the Vista. That is the one that I purchased. No problems I can trully speak of. The screen darking isn't that big of a deal with mine. I posted on the screen issue about a test I ran while setting there typing the post. It doesn't happen that often.


It is weather you want big or compact. Oh and tide tables. That is a feature on the 60. :ph34r:

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