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GeoJamboree 2008>>who's going from Northeast Forum?

Team Divi Divi

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Don't forget somethin' to sip around the campfire at night too...

Just to take the chill off of course...

wink, wink, nudge, nudge :rolleyes::D:) ...



My faith in camping has been restored. This was a clear oversight from the earlier list. Mine always includes:

  • a slightly golden colored liquid
  • Limes
  • salt
  • and yes a thermarest

I'm going to try and get up here at least for one of the days/evenings/nights (the golden colored liquid could result in this being an overnight)

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As usual I am a day late but I may come and stay one night in a motel. Don't have camping gear anyway. Sounds like fun!


PS, does anyone have any local hotel/motel information?



Ditto :unsure:

I ended up searching myself and booked a cheap room w/AAA discount at


Howard Johnson Bethel

21 Stony Hill Road

Bethel, CT 06801 US Phone: 203-743-3855



There are other options in Bethel as well. It's under 10 miles from the campgrounds.

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For those who end up staying at a hotel, can you still stay at the campground until 10pm or whenever the nightly events are over? I know different campgrounds have different rules about such things. Just curious...I'm still mulling this over :ph34r:


I'm not sure how late the day trippers can stay but I would recommend the camping option if possible. The campfire, night caches, and general camping experience would make me lean towards camping. :( The New England forum or cache page may have more details on the day visitor time restrictions. I will try to see what I can find out.

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I was offered room in a tent by a fellow LI'er so I may just do that but thanks on the hotel deal. (as long as someone else is bringing the tent and setting it up :anitongue: )

Who said you don't have to set up the tent? :anitongue:


Ooops!! (who knew you'd see this)

errrr, of course I will help setup the tent!!

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HELP!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

We need some grills or we'll be eating the burgers raw. Can you say burger tartar?

I don't have that big grill this year. Or the other big grill. So I'm hoping some of you campers will be bringing charcoal grills that you can bring to the event site to cook on. I've posted this to the event page, the CT forums, and here. I need some help, or I have to go rent one for $50 plus delivery, as I do not have time to go get it, or to go buy one right now. So, is there someone out there who has a really awesome big grill they want to show off? Now's your chance. You will win the applause of the 300 attendees that like their burgers and dogs hot and cooked. Chicken too, that's really horrible if it's uncooked.


So help me, help me! PLEASE!


Posting this in all the relevant places, I hope you don't mind me repeating myself.

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