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Vehicle Travel Bug Decal's and/or Magnets

Fort S

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Hello Everyone!


I recently traded in my old Cachemobile and got a new one and am ready to roll. I noticed in some of the US forums that people have bought larger TB Decals and/or larger Mangetic TB's that are affixed to their vehciles, turning their car/truck/SUV into a TB. I have tried buying these from two shops in the US, but unfortunately neither ship to Canada.


Has anyone managed to get one of these in Canada and if so where?


If not, has anyone created one from scratch and if so how?




Good Caching!


Fort S

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Just a quick reply to my post.......

I have used the printable window clings that you can get from staples. They stick to the inside of the vehicle so there would be no issues with water. If you are looking at a magnitized sign.... you could always get the printable sheets, but prior to using, use a gloss clear coat spraypaint and this will stop the rain from washing your design away ;)


Good Luck

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Well I'm glad I got 2 of them then. I knew my cachemobile was on it's last leg so i figured I'd get another one for when I replace it. They are really well made and last well too. Mine is still as nice as the day I got it, even after scraping and driving through back roads and through branches.

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