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Trackable Geocoins For Sale

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Selling off a few of my extra trackable geocoins . All coins are trackable and unactivated.


Shipping fees: $2.00 for first coin and $ .50 for each additional coin.

US addresses only ( Sorry only have time to do US orders)


Payment is Paypal only, I will send an invoice and will ship when paid. I'll give 24 hrs for invoice to be paid then I if not paid , I will offer coins to someone else.


Email me thru my profile (NO PM's)




2006 Indiana Micro - Gold ( 810 available)

2006 Kansas Sunshine BN ( 13 available)

2006 California Poppy micro




2006 Indiana Micro - LE silver (12 available)

2006 CITO (2 available)




2006 Indiana Micro XLE BN ( 45 available)

2006 Not another micro - camo, polished silver (2 available)

Christ Centered - Narrow Gate version ( 23 available)

2006 Temecula Valley Event ( hot air balloon)

Geoswag coin and pin club -( So this is a geocoin - coin only)

Geoswag coin and pin club - ( Camo boots)

Geoswag coin and pin club ( tools of the trade)

What was in your Mailbox ver. 1 (silver)

What was in your Mailbox ver 1 ( gold)

2006 USA (USXXXX tracking number version)

Geocoin Club- Eat, meet and Greet

2006 Indiana


MOGA event

2005 San Diego geocoin BN

2005 Germany (bronze)

2005 Germany (sliver)


Thanks for looking !



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