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UK GeoChat & Geo TV!

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A few new visitors have dropped in to the Chatroom recently... but some have dropped out again rather too quickly!


Although there are usually a lot of names logged into Chat, many of them are not always active and some will be logged in while at work or may be away from their PC for extended periods of time.


If you drop in please say "Hi" and then try and stay logged in for a while. Sometimes it takes a while for a response, especially during the day. There are usually more folks around after 7pm.


MrsB :sad:

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We've had a few new visitors drop in recently, which is good.


Some others have connected to the Chatroom very briefly (for a minute or less) then dropped out before anyone's said anything.


If you do try out the Chatroom please be aware that often those who are logged in may be doing various other things so you might not get an immediate response - So please stick around for a while - As they say, "Someone will get back to you soon..."


MrsB :lol:

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For anyone who wants to drop in...




And for peeps with an irc client :


IPV4: irc.z.je

IPV6: 6.irc.z.je

port 6667



During the evening is the best time to drop in and say "Hi". Stay logged in for a while - you might not get an immediate response because those in Chat tend to be doing other stuff as well as chat. :ph34r:



what she said :wub:

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I use Chatzilla for Firefox which works very well (on the odd time I pop in!). It's an addon you can download. Here are the settings and how to configure it:



To download the addon for Firefox


Run Chatzilla from the Firefox menu bar, Tools - Chatzilla. From the Chatzilla menu bar click on ChatZilla - Preferences. In the dialogue box that opens up select Global Settings from the top of the list. On the tabs that appear enter the following:

General tab: Description (something meaningful to you for this chatroom); Nickname and Nickname (away), a nickname that appears as 'you' in the chatroom.

Appearance, Lists and DCC tabs, leave as default.

Startup tab: In the Auto-connect URL's box click Add and enter the address of the UK chatroom, /irc://irc.nixhelp.org/geocaching?


Global and Formatting tabs, leave as default.


Save settings and then when you open Chatzilla it will auto connect to the chatroom.


Chris (MrB)

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