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UK GeoChat & Geo TV!

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If you are new to GeoChat follow the instructions below. For seasoned GeoChatters I am bringing back GeoTV webcam hosting - email me for re-establishing access or if you want to sign up for a new web cam.








If this link fails, you can also try this one:




Enter your caching nickname in the box provided and click "Let's Chat".


Once you are in the room you can bookmark it for later use and you will always be logged in automatically straight from the bookmark.


If you have problems with the applet loading please check the Java notes below.


Of course if you are IRC savvy and have a stand-alone IRC client (such as mIrc or IceChat) you can follow these settings;


IRC Server: irc.uk.nixhelp.org

Server Port: 6667

Channel: #geocaching


MAC users are recommended to use Firefox & ChatZilla for free IRC access :D


We look forward to seeing you in there!


Java Notes -

You must have Java installed to run this webpage. Java is a teeny add-on for Internet Explorer or Firefox which allows your browser to run small programs within the browser window.


If you do not have Java installed you should be prompted to install it when you first run the chatroom link. If not it could be because of your security settings.


Visit Java Home and click the 'Windows XPI - Download'.


Follow the instructions then try to reload the chat room link. If you are still having problems it could be security settings in your browser.


In Firefox - Tools>>Options>>Web Features - ensure both Enable Java and Enable Javascript are ticked.


In IE - Tools>>Options>>Advanced - ensure Java is enabled.

If you still can't log on it is most likely to be your firewall settings. At this point you need to contact the manufacturer/supplier/administrator of the firewall.

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Mrs Botherers - Hi! We've seen you drop into Chat several times this afternoon and again this evening. You have connected, but each time we've spoken and said "hello" there's been no response from you and the connection has dropped out again after a couple of minutes.


Do try again sometime B)




How strange. :D When i dropped in I get the topic for today, the list of names on the right and even when I type something it shows on the screen. But thats it and after a few minutes I get disconnected. Hmmm.... :D But thanks for saying hello though B) even though I didn't get that bit.



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The sceduled Tea Trolley refreshment service will not be available from Saturday 2nd August to Friday 8th August 2008 owing to Mrs Blorenge being on annual leave.

Those visiting the Chatroom during this period have special dispensation to use the kitchen facilites themselves.


Please wash up your mugs afterwards.

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