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50 Waypoint Multicache?


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Around here, there is a 45-stage multi-cache that has racked up 80+ finds in 3 years.


Some people ignore it. Others make an adventure of it. Some save it for a milestone find. But it is possible to create a multi-cache with this many stages, and yet create a cache that people will find worthwhile.


Ask yourself whether you would want to complete this multi-cache if someone else hid it. That's what it really comes down to: hide caches like the ones you would enjoy finding.

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Maybe there is another name for this but I wish one or both of the two towns near me (one I live in, one I work in) had a QUEST cache. In my mind it work like this:


1. "X" number of caches are placed around an area. We'll say the futhest distance between two caches would be 30-40 miles or less.

2. Each cache would be seperate and cachers could find just one or several w/o participating in the quest.

3. Each caches would contain a clue that is need to find the "final" QUEST cache.


To complete the quest you have to find ALL caches in the quest to unlock the final cache to complete the quest.


There would be no implied pressure to complete this in a day or even a weekend. Quite the contrary, you could pick off one or two on the list at your leisure.


For me this would be a great thing. Slowly, over the next 12-24 months I could find these "50" caches and keep the clues, eventually finishing the entire thing.


Howver, IMHO, maintaining 50 caches seems very demanding. I think 20-30 would be a better number and should only be done by an serious, committed, experienced geocacher hider.

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There's a cache in my area that I think is a great idea, and it's way more than 50 waypoints... One local cacher has listed all the caches in the Santa Monica Mountains that were planted over 6 years ago and are still active. The idea is to get new cachers to visit great old caches. You can't log the find until you log finds on all the old ones.


I think it's a great idea. If you don't, then don't do the cache, simple as that. If you're a numbers hunter, this type of cache isn't for you. If you are in it for the hikes, the adventure, the puzzles, the fun, then you're more likely to enjoy it.

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