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got this yesterday and took it out for a night geocache last night. Lets just say this is brighter on the low setting then most headlamps I have seen on high. This really does light up the night. I'm sure the batteries might not last as long as some others but thats ok with me considering how bright it is. The proplem I have with most headlamps is they give off enough light to ruin your night vision but not enough for you to really see more then a step or two down the trail.


take a peek at the sten headlamp.




it's made for spelunking or caving.... here's a link to it, and every other headlamp made.

it honestly doesn't get a whole lot better than this. it's not cheap, either....

but it'll run for 8 hours on high, and 4 days on low... it kicks the energizer bunny's

butt.... 4 brightness levels, etc... it's made for a hardhat mounting, but they have

a headstrap available as well as a 9 volt adaptor instead of the Li/Ion rechargable....

can mount it on the mountain bike as well.......







flashlightreviews.com is a pretty comprehensive site for flashlights and headlights.

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