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GPS60CSx help please

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My GPS60CSx has suddenly decided that the way forward is at ten o'clock instead of straight on. The compass thinks north is 75 degrees to the west of what it really is. When I have the map displayed, and walk down the road, the road displays at an angle that is almost left to right instead of top to bottom on the screen. I have tried calibrating the compass, but it's just the same. Any ideas anyone?

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I would try these two:

1) Change to map display from North Up to Track Up.

2) Change the map orientation from Magnetic North to True North

It was already set to Track up. I cant find how to change to it True North.


The map displays "Ready to Navigate" instead of the heading. I don't know if I am imagining it, but I don't remember seeing that before.

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The map displays "Ready to Navigate" instead of the heading. I don't know if I am imagining it, but I don't remember seeing that before.


It sounds like the compass is on. The compass ONLY works properly when held perfectly flat and to do this, you really can not be moving. Adjust the compass settings to have it automatically turn off at a walking pace. When the compass is off, it uses the GPS to determine heading and this is much more stable.

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Well, I don't know what I did, but it's OK now. I went caching today and it was all over the place. At one stage it was pointing behind me as I walked along. It looks like changing a combination of different settings have done the trick as it's rock steady now. Thanks to all for the suggestions.


I have a GPSMAP 60CSx as well. Did you try power cycling the GPSr when you were fiddling with things? I find sometimes I'll put the electronic compass in to some sort of gimbal lock state when it always points in one direction relative to the GPSr. It's really frustrating since it's the sort of thing that I've only been able to reproduce in the field a few times, and I usually don't notice the problem until I slow down near the cache so I don't know what it is I did to screw things up in the first place. Power cycling the unit followed by recalibration seems to fix the problem.

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I have had some of these same problems, and done lots of fiddling with all the settings above. Lately, I find things mostly working except that I have to calibrate the compass all the time. Annoying, and I hope still a setting problem.


Maybe it would be worthwhile to put the settings here for geocaching (if you like these, that is):


lock on road = off (Menu, Setup, Map, General icon)

orientation = track up (Menu, Setup, Map, General icon)

North Reference = true (Menu, Setup, Heading)

Switch to compass heading when below = 3m/h (?) (Menu, Setup, Heading)


What should that last one be so the compass works correctly?

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