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Geocaching and Windows Mobile

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Hello, I have an HTC Touch phone with Windows Mobile onboard. I'm presently using the web browser of the phone to connect to my own personal website where I have Geocache data stored, to get data, when I'd like to just upload it to the phone.


Can anyone tell me which software I can install where I can use Geocaching data on the phone? I'm using GSAK as well. It would be great not to have to keep printing out sheets, when I have the phone with me already.


Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Hi, I have a HTC Tytn using windows Mobile 5. I use an app called GPX Sonar to get data on my phone. It works great. It works well with GSAK as you can import the data from there. I now however just use the Internet connection on the phone to connect to the page of the cache I am searching for. Put a favorite in on the phone for geocaching.com search page and search the caches in your area or by waypoint. That way all the pages are up to date. So archived caches can be noted on the spot.

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I have a verizon wireless xv6700 running Windows Mobile 5. I am using CacheMate (PPC version) on the phone and GSAK on a PC. When I get a PQ, I download it directly to my phone and load it into CacheMate. I use the same PQ to load into GSAK.


If you have a data plan, I would also recommend using wap.geoacaching.com. It is a lightweight version of the full geocaching.com site that will let you get cache info, log caches, etc. but without the graphics of the full site.



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I just started using the HTC Touch a week ago. I just use GSAK, load my two Pocket Queries for my city into one database, output it to HTML, sync that folder to the phone and use Internet Explorer to view it offline. Pictures, logs, hints, everything you need is there and it's fast. I use to use Mobipocket files on my Palm, but since they are no longer available, I needed an alternative. This is it and it's way faster.

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I have been using my HTC touch for a few months now. i have gone on some big caching trips and it has worked great. I found a program called "BeeLineGPS" and it works perfectly. i can download GPX files and load them right into it. And have had no problem sync'n it to my GPS "puck" (at least until they unlock the phone's GPS) my only problem with it is it has no maps. I can sync the GPS "puck" to google maps, but would really like to combine those two for a perfect combo.

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Thanks for the reply, I just downloaded GPXSonar a few minutes ago, and my phone is saying it's not a valid PPC File. Any ideas? Thanks


Windows apps can be installed either directly or via ActiveSync (or whatever the heck Vista's poor excuse of a substitute is).


While you have to methods of installation, the file type does vary. You can't install the computer version directly to your PPC or vice versa.

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