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BADA BING! Cointest ~ Welcome to Dirty Joisey


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I am holding a Sopranos style event at the Park West Diner in New Joisey (actually only 4 miles from where they filmed the series).


Cointest Rules:

(1) guess how many attendees will be showing up to the event

(2) one guess per person, your guess is DQed if you edit it

(3) guessing is open until 9 am EST tomorrow (Saturday)

(4) Now for the fun part: in your post also tell me something I didn't know about New Jersey, or post a picture of something weird in the state (pictures of avroair don't count) :D

(5) No wise cracks! I have been to every state and you got places that smell too! :D




Winner receives an LE copper Sopranos Diner and Hitman coin



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48 attendees BADA BING!!!


Rah, Rah! Hey, Hey! Cheerleading Started in N.J!


Nowadays, the image of cheerleaders tends to be associated with buxom blondes whooping it up for some big country boys crushing 73-17 victories out in the fields. But cheerleading actually got started in New Jersey, when the Tigers of Princeton University decided the best way to distract their opponents -- the Rutgers University Scarlet Knights -- would be by yelling what they called "The Scarer," that is, blood-curdling shouts anytime one of the Rutgers faithful ran with the ball.


Of course, yelling while playing football makes it difficult to concentrate, so Princeton lost that first game, way back in 1869, by a count of 6-4. The next time out, they figured a better way, which was to have supporters stand on the sidelines and yell at the Rutgers players to distract them. This time, it worked, and Princeton ended up winning, part of an ongoing feud between the two tony schools that goes on to this day.

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Well I guess I'll start the "bidding" at 56 people.


Next: NEWARK, N.J.---- A bank robber dubbed the ''Hat Bandit'' because he wore different caps during the heists was sentenced Thursday to 10 years in federal prison.


James G. Madison, who eluded authorities during a 10-month crime spree, pleaded guilty in September to six bank robberies. He also acknowledged committing 12 others and attempting a 13th.


Sentencing guidelines recommended a 61/2- to eight-year term, but prosecutors wanted more time for the 50-year-old former machinist.



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Attendees will be 58. (Didn't count the dead bodies in the back though!)


Here are some interesting facts. Maybe you know them and maybe not


1. New Jersey has a Trash Museum, 2 De Korte Park Plaza, Lyndhurst :D


2. As 1995 drew to a close, Betsy and Jared Saul of Pittstown made it their New Year’s resolution to help homeless animals. They started Petfinder.com, a virtual shelter featuring a searchable database of more than 200,000 animals seeking human companions.

What you don't know about this one for sure is that I found my sheltie Molly on petfinder.com!!!


3. In November of 1914, the New York Tribune, cooperating with Mr. Bertram Chapman Mayo (founder of Beachwood) issued an "Extra" announcing: "Subscribe to the New York Tribune and secure a lot at Beautiful Beachwood. Act at once, secure your lot in this Summer Paradise now!" This was the greatest premium offered by a newspaper - nothing equal to it was ever attempted in the United States.


4. North Jersey is the car theft capital of the world, with more cars stolen in Newark then any other city. Even the 2 largest cities, NYC and LA put together. Don't blame me here I found it on the internet....


5. This one fits your event. New Jersey has the most diners in the world and is sometimes referred to as the diner capital of the world.


6. Rutgers University hosts a NJ Cockroach Derby every year which is held in mid August.


7. Leo the MGM Lion, Cheetah the chimp and Elsie the Borden Cow are buried in New Jersey.


8. New Jersey has a spoon museum featuring over 5,400 spoons from every state and almost every country.


I guess I got carried away. That was fun too reading these things!

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well, i'll guess 67 people will show up, which is low based on the interest of this really cool coin!


thought this was interesting...don't think it's true:

Modern paleontology, the science of studying dinosaur fossils, began in 1858 with the discovery of the first nearly complete skeleton of a dinosaur in Haddonfield, New Jersey. The Hadrosaurus is the official New Jersey state dinosaur.



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Ok I say 74 people attend, and some interesting facts about New Jersey that maybe you did not know....


Including its official state symbols....and when these were adopted.


flower: purple violet (1913)

bird: eastern goldfinch (1935)

insect: honeybee (1974)

tree: red oak (1950)

animal: horse (1977)

colors: buff and blue (1965)

folk dance: square dance

fish: brook trout

shell: knobbed whelk

fruit: blueberry (2004)


Nickname: Garden State


And Maybe you did not know all those.


Fingers Crossed.

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1. New Jersey has a Trash Museum, 2 De Korte Park Plaza, Lyndhurst :D


and DeKorte Park, a gorgeous Meadowlands park that used to be a trash dump, has a great series of new caches :D

/shameless plug


But really, there's a Meadow in the Meadowlands. All of the industry makes that difficult to believe, but it's very pretty...tons of migratory birds.


I find it interesting that we're the dense-ist state, and despite having two of the poorest cities in the US (Newark and Camden) we have the 2nd highest median income (CT is #1)


hmmm... since I'm lucky enough to be able to attend and buy the coin, and lucky enough to live in the great state of New Jersey :D I'm already a winner so I'll refrain from making a guess to enter the cointest


/grammar edit

Edited by ThirstyMick
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66 People


Not sure how true all these are???


New Jersey Crazy Law

# It is against the law for a man to knit during the fishing season.

# You may not slurp your soup.

# If you have been convicted of driving while intoxicated, you may never again apply for personalized license plates.

# It is against the law to "frown" at a police officer.

# On a highway you can not park under a bridge.

# Car dealerships are forbidden from opening on Sunday.

# You cannot pump your own gas. All gas stations are full service and full service only.

# Automobiles are not to pass horse drawn carriages on the street.

# It is illegal to delay or detain a homing pigeon.


Bernards Township

# It is illegal to frown as the town is a "Frown-Free Town Zone".



# You may not dance or wear shorts on the main avenue.



# Citizens are not permitted to park their own boat on their lawn.



# All cats must wear three bells to warn birds of their whereabouts.



# It is forbidden for a woman, on a Sunday, to walk down Broad Street without wearing a petticoat.



# It is illegal to offer whiskey or cigarettes to animals a the local zoo.



# It is illegal to sell ice cream after 6pm, unless the customer has a note from his doctor.


Ocean City

# Pinball machines are not to be played on Sunday.

# People may not slurp their soup.

# Raw hamburger may not be sold.



# Profanity is prohibited.


Sea Isle City

# There will be no boiling of bones on the property.



# Pickles are not to be consumed on Sundays.

# You may not throw a bad pickle in the street.

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I'll guess 73 attendees.


Not too many people know about Thor Solberg.

We all know that Charles Lindbergh made the first solo trans-atlantic flight from NY to Paris in 1927 and

was later in the news when his 20-month old son was kidnapped and killed and the trial was held in

Flemington, New Jersey. Approximately 10 minutes away from Flemington, NJ is the small town

of Readington, NJ.


Here, in 1939, Thor Solberg founded Solberg Airport, which is a small airport

that is still in existance today. It is still a family run business, owned by the Solberg family.

Thor Solberg was also an aviation pioneer.

In 1935, he was the first person to make a trans-atlantic flight from the US to Norway.

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Alright, my guess is 83 people will attend the event. For the strange fact, here is a law from Neward, NJ on the books!

In Neward, it is illegal to sell ice cream after 6pm, unless the customer has a note from his/her doctor. Better stock up earlier in the day during July and August.

Have a great event!

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82 attendees.


I don't know much about New Jersey, and I'm sure I don't know anything that you don't know already. I know that Frank Sinatra isn't from New York but from New Jersey, and that Bruce Springsteen isn't from Nebraska, but from New Jersey too :D

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1) guess how many attendees will be showing up to the event 75


Jersey is the first and only state that I've gone into an XXX shop! It was probably 20 years ago, at least, and I had never been into a shop like that before, so my ex-husband and I decided to take a peek in out of curiousity!


He was a trucker and we were at that Petro truck stop in a city who's name ends in 'town' if I remember right, and it's close to the state line. Can't remember the name of the town, but it's on the way from D.C. to NY City. Anyway, I was very shy and embarassed and only in my early 20's and the product of a private Catholic education, so I made him park the truck a little ways away so we could walk in the shadows to go look... and in the only place where there were no shadows for me to hide in, another trucker went by....




I about died of embarassment... it's not like he had any idea who I was or anything like that, but I was just so mortified....


It took me a good 10 minutes to muster the courage to go into the place....and once inside I gave it a quick once around and then made tracks for the door, lol! I was just too shy and embarassed to stay any longer than those two or three minutes, lol!


And THAT is my story about New Jersey!


Naomi :D


Added... I THINK it's called Bordentown, if I remember right!

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What is the Smallest registered cemetery in New Jersey?


Am I suppose to give you the answer or did you say tell me something I did not know.

Maybe you do.


Supposedly more than 1/2 of the "city" of Clifton is cemetary.


I put city in quotes b/c its incorporated as a city, but I'd call it a suburb.

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There must be something like... 66 attendees on the meeting.


Well, today I learned some interesting facts about New Jersey:

First it was a swedish colony called New-Sweden. But in the Swedish colony, there were no Swedish, but Finnish people. Then the dutch came, kicked the Finnish friends out and renamed it New-Holland. Then a few strange Lordships from Britain appeared and turned it into a private colony, just for himself, after they got it as a present (history doe not tell us if it was for Christmas). One of the Lords got bored of it and sold his part to some interested Quakers, so instead of one, there were two brand new Jersey's. Finally this became all very boring and the New Jersey people kicked some British a** and started with some other states-to-be the United States of America. Ain't that strange?


So much for history according to Team Van Stoffelen (with a little help from their cute friend We Ke Pee De Aha).

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