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Mio P550 SD memory card question


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The Mio P550 takes SD cards up to 2GB. I presume that 2GB was just the largest capacity available when the P550 was first designed.

My question is: will larger capacity cards work?


I suspect that 8 and 16GB SDHC cards might not work but what about 4GB SD cards?

Anyone tried using one?


Would it just be a matter of a driver upgrade or something for SDHC cards to work?


(I contacted Mio and they said, "We only support the use of a standard card up to 2 GB.")




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Does anyone know how many memory maps (os 25000) a 2gb card will hold ?.


How long is a piece of string?

I've got the whole of the south west on a my card down to 1:25000 - but the individual maps range from 21Mb to 160Mb, depending on where they are (and I suspect how many features there are visible on each).

I'm only using 1Gb of my card - the rest's for games and apps - but that 1 Gb has cornwall, devon, and somerset at 1:25000, 1:50000, and 1:250000 on it

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The answer to your Question is that the largest card which will work with your MIO P550 is 4GB, but you need the correct one. I currently use in my MIO P550 a Transcend 150x 4GB SD card, which I purchased from Memory C


This card works, other SD cards might also, but SDHC will not. As the SD card bus can't address over 4GB it is highly unlikely that you will get bigger than 4GB

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Just looked at the link on eBay, now there is an article in the eBay advice section which warns about buying SD cards from HK as many are of extreme low quality. I guess it is buyer beware, the card I have linked to above is


1 High Speed (Important for application speed)

2 Warranted for Lifetime

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