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BigD's Geo-bun- Name that cacher!...A cointest


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Sweetpea has just called me this morning and said "things are happening" So I gotta make this quick and head out!


Basically Come up with the little cachers name and win...Not only a coin, but the right to say you helped name my little cacher!!!...Maybe


I have a few caching names picked out, but nothing solid yet...If I decide to use your name suggested, by all means -YOU WIN! No coin picked yet, that will decide on the cacher who wins.


Cointest will be held till the day he/she is born...which may very well be today!!! :o I will need to create an account on that day to make he/she a "cacher since the day I was born" :D


Wish me luck-----IM OUT!!!! Oh yeah...Stay tuned!!! :P

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OOOH! Good labor and delivery vibes!!!


Names are so personal, but had we not lost this baby that was due mid-April this year it would have been David Mattias for a boy and Gabrielle/Gabriella Kerstin for a girl. Kerstin is pronounced differently here in Sweden, it's more "share-stin," but it works in both countries :o.


Tobias was a close second for boy names!


Good luck, let us know when you get time and enjoy the miracle that is happening!


Naomi :D


EDITED to add...


OOPS! Didn't realize you were looking for caching nics! I second Steph's suggestions, they are great!

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Congrats. We are praying for you both that everything goes smoothly.


Well for caching names


Cache is very cute you could always spell it Cash (Papa Wood is a big Johnny Cash fan)

Magellan is also a very cute name, would be a great middle name :D


Here was our choice if buggie had been a girl.~~~ Althea Rose~~~ Very old fashioned name but it was a family name and I loved how many nicknames you could get from it.

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CONGRATULATIONS - since we can't change our names, chose one that a teenager would want and also one that won't embarrass them once they're grannies. LOL


I have heard that they recently changed that. If you email Groundspeak directly they can change your caching name.


My guesses


Girl--LilSweet007 or 007Missy or LilMissy007


Boy--007Lil(first initial of his first name)


Will be watching for your annoucement!!! Hope that everything goes well and the labor is short :D

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Hey there 007BigD. WOW. That sure came up quick. I hope all


goes well!!! My wife is having a scheduled C-Section on monday the


28th at 8:30am. You and I knew it would be close, looks like your


Geo-bun will be 4 days older than mine. Good luck with everything




I like the name 007SD or 007LSD or 007LDS or 007P.U


S and D are the parents initials and L is for little. Even swap out the 007 with a 008. And you


could just swap the S and D around as to not be confused with the drug.


Although the Avatar for 007LSD could be interesting! :D



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Congrads on you both for having a new Geocacher enter in this crazy world. Hope all goes smooth with the birthof your new addition to the family.



Boy Name: sweatpeasprideandjoy


Girls Name:BigD'sdaddy'sangel



Good luck all, keep the forums updated about the baby.



Barry and Val



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Just last week I created a geocaching account for the newborn of my best friends, on his date of birth, so he will be a cacher from day 1 too :D. Since it is now possibile to change your name, I didn't owrry about the choice of name too much. He'll be able to choose one when he's ready. (For now he's DavideL, born IRL and on GC.com on Feb 17th).


My suggestion:


"Caching From Day 1" or CachingFromDay1



Good luck with the baby!

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Congrats!! Babies are such a joy!!


If our son was into caching, we'd use his regular nickname, which is 'Bubby' I think that would be a cool geonick. Or 007JuniorD


Gotta say, for a girl I have to agree with PrincessPea.









best wishes to you and your family!


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SO, today is the day . . . Hang in there :D and Hugs All around!


How exciting Big D :o I hope all goes smoothly with the delivery! Best wishes to you and sweetpea and your little one when he/she is born. Can't wait to see some pics.


Girl: Sweet007

Boy: 007LilD


Take care and Best Wishes


Or Mini D for boy

MiniPea for a girl

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Congrats! If you're like me, you'll decide on a name at about 2am and then misspell it and have to get it changed in the morning.


Since I now see the benefit of shortened names for caching (and I wouldn't want to sign a log with the initials for PrincessPea), I'd second an earlier name, but go with initials only so that the meaning can be re-worked over time as necessary. Plus it's quick to sign on that micro in public when s/he is crying and attracting attention because you stopped pushing the stroller.






This works as an all purpose nick... Cute from Day 1. Cranky from Day 1. Can't find Diddly 1. Caught flack Daddy 1.

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