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Dr. Whoever

CM/CW Caching 2 Countries Geocoins

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CM/CW Caching 2 Countries Geocoins


Available Here: CM/CW Caching 2 Countries Geocoins


This coin was made because my wife “Gayle” “Castle Wife” finally joined me in the Geocaching world. She has accompanied me on multiple geocaching trips and runs yet never bothered joining until now. She couldn’t resist the temptation any more. We have cached in 19 different states and in Canada together. She is Canadian and I am American so we thought a coin representing both countries would be the right move. Paula of geocoindesign took the idea and designed this beautiful geocoin for me.




1.75” x 3.5mm


Trackable with 2 icons


EDGE TRACKING (Activation Code is on the EDGE of the Coin)




Antique Gold: $9.99

Antique Nickel: $9.99

Gold with Red: $9.99

Nickel with Red: $9.99

Two Tone Antique Copper/Nickel: (Only 50 minted_LIMIT 1) SOLD OUT







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I got 2 of em, but have yet to see em! Ill bet they are waiting for me in the PO Box right now~ :yikes:


Too bad I get to em till this weekend!...They sure looked nice on the site and dang if I didnt miss out on the 2-tone LE's

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Another coin I need to trade for, woring on updating my list tonight. Antique Nickel of Two tone if any has one they want to trade.

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