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constant pointer movement on the garmin gpsmap 60CSx


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Without regard to the type of GPSr, I know that I have been in a few places where my Vista HCX gives me alittle bit of drift while I am standing still.


Sometimes it will drift a biut an then stop, and other times it will never settle down. I figure this has to do with the limitations of precision based on landforms, or man-made obstacles (tall buildings, etc) or electronic interference in the area.


However, when I say drift I don't mean by more than 10-15 feet in any direction, and it certainly doesn't happen every time I got out to a cache GZ. Perhaps one in ten or so, if I had to put a number on it.


Hope this helps.

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The 60CSX does show some drift even when standing still. I think I read somewhere that it's due to the high sensitivity receiver.


It doesn't affect the accuracy or usability of the unit in any significant way. If I do leave it turned on overnight, it may tell me that it moved a mile or so even though it never left my desk. I've never had the need to keep the unit on overnight so this is a non issue.


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All GPS units wander. To see this, zoom in to maximum setting and you will start to see tracks being created all around you. If you wait a few minutes, you will see a blob of tracks all around your position.


If you want to create the most exact waypoint for your position, choose the "averaging" function on your GPS before creating your waypoint. The GPS will average out all the positions around you before creating the waypoint. Even the Garmin 45 had this function.

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