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Garmin Digital Elevation Maps


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I talked to the Garmin Techs regarding this and here's what they said:


"The digital elevation is exclusive only to Nuvi 800 Series and Nuvi 5000 Series. To my knowledge this is a extra feature that is included only on the Nuvi 800 and Nuvi 5000 regardless of the mapping. Once you zoom in past 12 miles on a 2D map screen the digital elevation is then switched over to detailed street maps. "


They sent me a picture of the digital elevation map and its looks great. I'd attach or include it but I haven't figured out how to do it. I haven't found it on the internet yet. Its only good for low zoom levels , i.e 12 miles and up, If you go to higher zoom levels, 12 mi and below, it switches back to NT North America street map. It must be another map or overlay. I have not been able to find out if it will be made available to other series, i.e the Vista HCX, etc. If anyone has any additional info please chime in. Sli23sli

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