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Is it weird to be jealous of your coins?


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One plus not being one of my coins is I've never been STOLEN :unsure: .

I'm also not under about a foot of snow in -20 Celcius weather.


Having said that, I'm not in California or just back from a beach in Mexico.

I guess all our coins have got it pretty good. They bring a smile to peoples faces and are coveted by many. :blink:

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I do wonder what caches my coins lay in! I cant say Im jelous though, They dont get to collect me!


But as for my 4 peice SCAVOK set...they are gonna be board sittin in my collection and although I wouldnt mind chillin with the GSA, id bet they'd be happier traveling making me jelous of the places they visit!!!! :blink: I may just release one some day. :unsure:

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