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Routes and Track logs

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I have a T4A but i does not have many trails in the Cathedral range (the part I think Wazat is after - if I am not wrong) - I see there are tracks in Monks Cowl and Sentinel areas(even these are not complete other than that we are on our own to the best of my knowledge - I have sent my track of the route to the top of cathedral peak and rainbow gourge so hopefully that will be issed some time.... i fear it is up to to us cachers to lay the tracks and submit the info.... unless someone knows something?????

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I mean more community based. I don't know if there is something like that up yet. T4A is an option I have looked at but I have no idea what it is like. Do they work on a time based track log or is it just a track. I think that this could be a great idea if the regular hikers can get stuck in and start compiling a list of great hiking trails. I have seen the T4A routes marked on Google Earth and some look more or less right for the Monks cowl area. But I think the best is if we have actual track logs then on that we can see the stops etc. Maybe add a waypoint or 10 with great views (Although all views in the berg are awesome) rivers, caves, peaks etc. Just a thought...

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