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It's got me puzzled?


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What kind of cache is this?




I'm; being new, confused - ? Is it really a newly listed traditional cache, is it a TB, or is it an advertisement???


Like I said..."I'm new", but - this one has me puzzled??? Maybe it's a "puzzle cache"? Maybe it's just a weird listing? - I've seen a few of those b4, but this one really has me confused - is it a "traditional cache", or not?


To me, since it has more than a couple "may be"s (ie: the TBs MAY be in one of the following places) - it appears to be an ad for the WV tourist peeps, or even an ad for duck calls? Not to appear "rude", but the person placing the cache has no "finds" or in any other way appears to be a legit cacher..."whatever" that means???


Anywhoo - this was a new one to me - and I was just wondering what kind of cache it was...cuz if it's really a "traditional", and it's clearly a cache meant to allow one to "log as being found", then I'm clearly wrong - BUT - if it's anything else - then I'm almost set to do a little advertising of my own, in the name of "tourist activities and places of scenic interests" of course - providing even, that you "MAY" even find a TB there :huh:

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It looks to me just to be a weird approach.


From reading the page, my assumption would be that the cache is located at the listed coordinates and that those four travel bugs are currently in the cache. And that the cache owner would like the TB's to only go to those WV wildlife locations. If you click on the TB's, they have some of the same verbiage.


The cache page is going to look odd to people once those four travel bugs are gone.

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Thanks for your replies and feed-back. It just seemed odd to me, right from the get-go, that a "cache" had a "goaL", and included a description of places where it, "the TB that is the cache", could be logged and/or found...I haven't seen many of those in the past year I've spent reading this forum.


Seemed to me to be an ALR, at the least - but who knows, (other than the Shadow)?


I often get e-mail of new listings - and decide whether or not I want to go for the FTF. I haven't FTF yet, but in this case - it's because I don't even understandstand what is required b4 I even attempt to try - it's like the cache itself has a "goal", above and beyond simply being "found", and that's something I simply haven't ran across yet...but no matter, "to each his own" I guess :huh:

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OK, I've received a reply from a person that would know - and I'm totally satisfied that this was just a "human" type thingie - compared to some "alien" thingie taking over, and causing mass weirdness :huh:


IOW - I'm fine with it, and I appreciate the time having been taken, that was needed to explain it :(


But just to be clear - I WILL have a prob if my LV becomes part of a noobies' multi-cache, and other peeps thinks it's "k", so long as the co'ords are legit - LOL! :(

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