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Adding public routes for South Africa

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Geocaching.com have this nice feature where we can add routes in finding caches, which is nice if you have travelled the route before, as you then have a track to search on.


Is it possible that we can collaborate, and add some of the major routes in for all South African roads?


My suggestion is that we prefix the public route with ZA, and then the major points of interest.



ZA - East Rand, Kroonstad, Bloemfontein, Colesburg, Cradock, Port Elizabeth (this one is active publicly and created by me)


For instance I am looking for this route

ZA – East Rand - Witbank, Middeburg, Nelspruit.


If searching in the ZA keyword, one could then find all public routes in South Africa.




Any other sugestions?

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I have now added two portions of the East rand to Mpumalanga routes. Let me know if these are to your liking and I will activate all the other portions I have.


I have broken them up into smaller portions, in order to allow for various different routes in the area.


ZA - Nelspruit to Sabie via R37 and R536


ZA - Alberton to Middelburg Toll Plaza


Keyword search on "Mpumalanga" should also find these.

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How does this feature work? :bad:


I've managed to download a gpx file, but what do I do with it now? It wants to be opened as a GSAK file, but when I open it with GSAK, nothing seems to happen!


Sorry to be such a mamparra, but I can't get my mind around this...

Click on you user name (top right of the screen)

then on "Find Caches Along a Route" under Premioum member Options.

Then click on the "Upload GPX/KML" file. (slightly hidden but is a TAB option)


Hope this helps.




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Hey there guys


Ive used caching along a route here in N/Ireland and it works really well. My problem is this, as some of you might know we are coming over for a holiday in Feb and i want to create a route from Johannesburg int to Durban. and then Durban to Newcastle and Newcastle back to jobg int airport. Now the problem i am having is this. I type in Johannesburg, South Africa and Durban, kwazulu-natal, South Africa, and i get search with no results. I then type in Ethekweni and it spits out did i mean Durban, kwazulu-natal, South Africa. So i click on it and it says the same thing- no results. I then put a pin on JHB INT and a pin on Durban and navigate from pin to pin and still i get no results. The fact that i now live here should make no difference. So I was wondering if anybody could do the routed for me and send me the file that i can upload, or tell me why i cannot get it right.

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I also am having problems with this. Searching is the problem. It appears that the search engine will either search for routes by LOCATION or by KEYWORD, not by the route's NAME. In other words calling your route "ZA - whatever whatever " doesn't help. All you need do is put za as one of the keywords in the save provided. If I put in za to the keyword search, the only result I get is one of my routes. If I put in "South Africa", I get quite a few results, as it has been used as a KEYWORD.


Am I correct? :D

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I tried Johannesburg, south africa, za and Durban but it still does not work, cant figure out why, maybe one of you chaps can check that side for me, try jo-burg to durban


- if I search for "ZA", or "Durban" under the "Search for existing routes" tab, I get nothing. If I search for "Johannesburg" I get pages of routes going through the American Johannesburg.


- if I search for "Durban" under the "Keywords" tab I do find this route.


We must enter KEYWORDS.

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Pity they don't allow wildcards in the name. Matter of fact when you search for caches by name you also cannot use wildcards, so you miss caches if you don't have the name exactly right. Wildcards in the route name would have solved all sorts of difficulties. The keyword search works, provided the owner of the route inserted the appropriate keywords. Everyone should put at least "za" and "South Africa" in their keyword list, that way a search for one of those words will provide all the za routes.

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I tried Johannesburg, south africa, za and Durban but it still does not work, cant figure out why, maybe one of you chaps can check that side for me, try jo-burg to durban

Our 2cents by using GSAK for caches on a route, especially if the route was not listed before.


Most of us have GSAK and a database of a specific area (or more) populated by means of various pocket queries. What we love about GSAK is the ease of route determination and thereafter we can filter through the list (difficulty/terrain, last found, active, etc) and export it to the MapSource or GPSr.


How to guide….


1) Draw your desired route in MapSource and save it as a MPS File (*.mps).

2) Open GSAK and select our data base

3) Use the filter option (Ctrl+F) or from the menu Search/Filter

4) On the new window “Set Filter” select the Arc/Poly Tab

5) Choose the option Get points from file by clicking on the Select File button

6) Enter the distance value (from route line ) in the text box, .250 for 250m

7) Click GO!


Just an alternative………..

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