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Garmin 60CSX Streetmap


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Driving in circles through an unfamiliar neighborhood trying to figure out how to get past the train tracks or the aquaduct dividing the city in half.... A street map would be nice....


Do you us this on your handheld and where would you suggest I buy?


Thank you,



Yes, a street map is very nice! City Navigator is the Garmin product that auto-routes out of the box on the 60 CSx. It's limited to use on one GPS receiver. If you ever sell your 60 CSx, or decide to buy another Garmin product, you've got to pay up to use your City Navigator.


I use Metroguide I bought on eBay and a program called metrowizzz from www.geodude.nl that allows Metroguide to autoroute. Metroguide isn't locked and can be loaded on as many compatible Garmin units you have at no extra charge.

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