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I don't know if this has been covered in the forums or not? If they have I missed it and apologize....I want to hide some creative Geocaches . I have seen many but when it comes time for me to do some I can't come up with anything worth doing? I want it hard to find. All of ours are difficulty 1.5. I want it fun. all of ours are micros. I want it interesting. ours are easy. Too easy. I want a puzzle or a mystery or just something different. Anyone out there that can give me some ideas? If you don't want to respond to the forum (others can see) please email me at BootZoocrew@yahoo.com. I would so like to hear from you. Thanks

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You might do some research around your area and find a local legend and turn into a mystery cache or just a puzzle cache…


I'm putting a series of caches out with different Native Stories.


I would travel from the Western side of Colorado to do those! Let me know when you get them ready, and I will have to plan a road trip!


on topic, I have not a creative bone in my body, but a cache in an area that has something that is interesting to you would be creative to me.

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