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Earth Turtle 2008: Christmas ET sale see Post #860


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It's done :( I finished the drawing tonight, now to decide if I want to subject myself to the whole minting/shipping process now or after GW6 :(


Any news?


What you missed the reservations? :D


Nope. I got mine in. Can't wait!!







WHAT :( ? ! ?




Joke days . . . RIGHT :o ?


I sure hope so!!!


Post #100 and we still don't have pictures (except for the lucky few who know, but was not I - I saw the only the bones) - Steph, what are you doing to us! :D

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WHAT :o ? ! ?




Joke days . . . RIGHT :D ?


I sure hope so!!!


Post #100 and we still don't have pictures (except for the lucky few who know, but was not I - I saw the only the bones) - Steph, what are you doing to us! :D


Maybe the pictures got {????????} on them :( :(


LMAO - you sooooo could be right... but maybe we should keep that quiet?

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Tsuns site gives us enjoyment trying to find where everything is on there each and every day, she sure is a tease. Dont worry we have clicked on everything as well and never get anywhere. We did however get to see the design, and now we do see all of them. :o We see the bones are gone, LMAO.




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Steph...........OMG......I thought these were amazing when i seen the artwork....OMG....now that I have seen a sample..........OMG.........I cannot wait to get my order in for these when they are available.OMG.....is all I can say. LOL :o I love them so much. Great Design.



Val of sweetlife

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Thanks for the compliments and emails all.


In all seriousness, I've been extremely nervous about this particular design. The original Earth Turtle had become such a monster hit that I didn't want to disappoint anyone with a new version and let people down. Expectations can get awfully high around here, lol.


I got the sample photos this morning and I felt like I got punched in the stomach before I opened them, so worried that they wouldn't turn out like I had imagined and this whole thing would be a disappointment. I bet most of you never knew I get stressed out over putting out designs did you? It's only because I care about my work :laughing:


Anyhow, when I opened the email from the gal I work with at the mint, she added a little note, the only other time she has done this was with the Rainforest Jewels, so I had an idea before looking at the pictures that the coins must have turned out nice. She said 'your design is wonderful' and coming from a mint that does thousands of designs a month, I was honored. I scrolled down and I almost cried when I saw them. Now that may sound goofy but this design (along with the Tatanka) mean alot to me and it was a relief to see how beautiful I thought they had turned out.


Anyone who designs a coin and puts their heart into it, knows what I'm talking about, receiving compliments via the forum or emails is worth more than any amount of money one could be paid. So when I say thank you' it always comes from the heart. Ive always appreciated the support I've received, it's been very overwhelming and I can only hope that I continue to meet your expectations :rolleyes:


I'll be putting out the newsletter with all the details probably some time late next week.


tsun :unsure:

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Since I was at a loss for words after seeing the pics, had to dig out the thesaurus, lookee what I found!




1 a stunning win remarkable, extraordinary, staggering, incredible, outstanding, amazing, astonishing, marvelous, phenomenal, splendid, fabulous, fantastic, tremendous, jaw-dropping.

2 she was looking stunning. See beautiful.

3 The future impact upon my bank account! :(

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HOLY COW!!!! holy-cow.jpg


Sorry... I still had the Easter Cointest in me! :(


If you only knew the feeling in my gut when I saw that Earth Turtle!!!! :D:D:D I swear, it was like I just almost won a million bucks! :D


Absolutley Stunning :D:D:D ...and I dont use that word much! An absolute Must have...I cant wait to see any other versions!!!


Dang T-Sun....Dang! :D

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