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We are off to Cyprus in 3 weeks and I am looking forward to doing some caching. Please if anyone has been there can you tell me which maps you used? Mapsource doesn't cover Cyprus so I can't download maps to my Legend CX. Getting the cache info is no problem through PQs etc but driving to a nearby location may be!



I am going over in a few months.Contact local cachers Brandisour they will help.

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Hi Chris,


I did 4 caches there April 2006 just to the east of Ayia Napa, half of which were Brandisour's. I used Google Earth to see what was near, PQ'd all the Cyprus caches and then got a local map when I got there.


Very different lanscape for caching to East Anglia :)



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We did 12 out in Cyprus last year (including our first FTF !).


All we did was look up the ones we wanted to do in google earth (with the caching overlay on first) and printed out the ones we wanted to do taking them with us.


I would take note of any that tell you a 4x4 is required - we did a couple in a saloon car that I wouldn't have wanted to take my car on !


Took us to some places we wouldnt have seen otherwise and we had a great time doing it.


We were up the Pafos end of the island.


Linsey & Lorraine.

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We live in Cyprus and own a few caches out here. If you use Memory Map, I have a pretty good calibrated map I could send you if you want it?


Yes please :):):)


roy AT jast DOT co DOT uk


I've been watching this thread as we are going there in March :):):)


Yours Roy

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