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Prices of Garmin Colorado 400t


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Well...I went and did it.

I bought the Garmin Colorado 400t - I liked the idea of that new software called Wherigo --


Are any of you famiiar with this?


Do you think I'll like the new gps?


The one feature that I liked was that it said that more detailed information could be loaded into the unit about each cache (notes, etc..).


I have the GSPMap 60csx and although I love it, I don't have cache notes handy on it.


Looking for your feedback...


Also wanted to let you know that I got a fairly good deal thru buy.com (pre-order) for $509.00 and if you apply online for a buy.com cc, they will take $30 off your bill....


Cheaper than anywhere else I've seen it...everywhere else I've looked including TigerGps quoted around $599

each...except for the 300 model.


Have a great day everyone!


Team Fall Out Bros


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I ordered mine from JR.com the other day. They have it listed for 599 but I their website said they match other dealers prices. I got them down to 539 with free shipping and figured that was good enough for me because I have $200 in gift cards that I received for credit card points. So the colorado 400t cost us $339. That works good enough for me! I can't wait to get it . . .

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Gee...never thought about the audio clues and stuff....

Well....is this something that Garmin might be able to add to the unit later - and then have it added via a download through software update???


Just curious --


How do you think that this model is better than let's say a Garmin GPSmap 60csx?


Like to hear your opinions...


Fall Out Bros. Geocaching Team (Freak4Mac)

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The biggest issue is when a cartridge will rely on the sound to perform the task. Mscape is a similar type game setup that does rely on sound for many of the tasks. I don't see how Garmin could fix this with a firmware update. I think a better speaker would have to be designed into a new unit. It's a shame as I can see where audio could really enhance the game and make it feel more "real".

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