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The Great Outdoors Geocoin


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Geocoin Design Presents



Presenting "The Great Outdoors" geocoin - designed and minted by



2" square Geocoin

Epoxy coated

Trackable with its own icons













We hope you enjoy our latest design - The Great Outdoors - dedicated to caching and those who enjoy the hobby.


All the details on this coin are related to WHY we cache, and what we enjoy about it.


I took this design in a new direction, as I wanted to give the finished coins a unique look, a little different from the norm. They are finished to give almost a patina effect thats slightly differs from anything I've done.


I wanted them to look a little 'outdoorsy', in both the design and finish - like something you would see in a park, as a wrought iron plaque, or a stepping stone.


We 'cut no corners' on this design :huh:


The initial run consists of 250 coins with an entire run of 750 total possible.


The initial breakdowns are as follows:


90 Antique Gold

90 Antique Nickel

50 LE Polished Gold

20 LE Two Tone Gold/Nickel


The LE's will obviously NOT be reminted.


These are shipping out to us tonight (January 16th) and will go on sale after the coins are in hand on Friday (January 18th) at GeocoinDesign.com - A direct sales link will be added when coins are in hand.


Keep an eye on this thread for sale time!


We hope you love the coin as much as we do!



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Whoa!!! My jaw just fell to the floor when I opened this post! Those are totally, absolutely, unbelievably gor-ge--ous!!! I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!! I need to find some funds quick! At this point I will only be able to afford 1, that is if I don't miss the sale? But which one? They are all gorgeous! If anyone is planning to get extras please let me know and I will gladly buy them off of you once I get some extra money in probably after my birthday which is on Jan 28 or after the 3rd of the month. It really sucks being on disability and only getting paid once at the beginning of the month :)

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