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A log from a new (and yet unfound) cache states...


Spent 20 minutes looking before the Police arrived... Full Log Here


I was wondering if anyone else has had their collar felt ?


Yes, but not at that one. A PCSO was most interested in what I was up to whilst on a caching in the Peak District caching. I just explained and he was happy enough and quite interested in our hobby.



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Last year I was setting a series based on the BBC's Spooks TV drama and I found myself near a nuclear power station in Hartlepool, scoping out the possibilities. Two pleasant gentlemen from the Civil Nuclear Police (with H&Ks pointing loosely in my direction) were wondering what I was doing. They were quite entertained, but we all agreed that hiding ammo boxes within half a mile of the area was a tad impractical. There's also a chemical plant nearby that I thought about using – I was going to call the cache Chemical Alley (ho ho), but I decided to try pastures new.

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I found the now archived West Lodge cache at Euston station which was a keysafe micro. I was having problems putting it back on the railings to which it was attached when someone behind me said, "Excuse me sir, what are you doing?" He revealed himself as a plain clothes police officer. I tried to explain geocaching to him and I will never forget his answer: "And why exactly would you want to do that?"


Fortunately a bit more explanation and he realsied that I was just a strange person rather than a terrorist and he let me put back the cache and he apologised for bothering me.

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The police are there to check if you are breaking the law or engaged in an illegal activity.

As you are not trespassing when geocaching it is perfectly reasonable to tell them exactly what you are doing.


Of course if they continue to recieve calls which have them investigating geo cachers or caches then im sure they may view the cache or caches in a less favourable light and may ask for them o be removed as they are wasting police time.


For caches in any muggle rich environment a good clue and great co ords allthough not compulsory can help a lot.

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Haggis Hunter, roolku and myself were on a night caching spree in Perth a couple of years ago. We had been searching for a micro near a statue on the North Inch, and I guess a curtain twitcher thought we looked suspicious and phoned the police. As we were walking back from another cache on the Inch, a police van pulled alongside us and we were asked what we were up to. A simple explanation that we were geocaching and the response was "Oh we've heard of that" and they went off.

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:lol: Ummmm, yes! I seem to remember something along those lines.........................60e424a0-68d9-4bef-87e5-a9551fcf17a2.jpg


We were caching in LA and someone drove somewhere they should not have, can't remember who was the guilty one though :unsure::unsure:


haha, it was the highlight of the day.... until we got stopped by the cops again that evening ;o)


I've been questioned by the police errrrm, more than three times now, and each time I've explained exactly what I'm doing and they've been fine with it. There were two LAPD cops when they stopped us, one knew about geocaching, the other didn't. The second time we were stopped that day, I left Wadders and Cachemad to explain why we were parked on a no-stopping zone while I sneakily rehid the cache right under his nose!

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I was wondering if anyone else has had their collar felt ?



By the Royal Protection Squad.

We have the 'Stop and Search' logs to prove it!


Apparently we parked a 'little too close' to a Royals rubbish awaiting collection by the binmen! :unsure:


We said we were looking at the nearby stones, which are a local attration, and were given permission to go in the field to get a closer look at them.






(We never seached for the cache, as we felt we were still being watched.)

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The police must provide certain information


The police who stop you must provide you with certain information including:


* Their name and the station where they work (unless the search is in relation to suspected terrorist activity or giving his or her name may place the officer in danger. They must then give a warrant card or identification number)

* The law under which you have been stopped

* Your rights

* Why you have been Stopped and Searched

* Why they chose you

* What they are looking for


I'm curious, what reason did they give and what did they say they were looking for? And what law?

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At the end of the day they can easily justify a stop search under the misuse of drugs act. (Acting furtive and hiding things in containers)


They are, in general, just doing their job and are trying to protect us. We aren't doing anything wrong so be friendly, let them search you and the chances are you will be chatted to and thanked for your time and cooperation.


You will always get one or two individuals who are not friendly in any group of people. Hopefully those of us who are like this don't run into the members of the police who are the same. :)

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been stopped twice so far, and it will happen again no doubt.


both were rather rural caches rather than town types.


honest answers given and off they went, one knew what geocaching was about so was easier. The police search team found one of my caches after a nearby murder, kindly signed log book TNLN.


tbh its easier and quicker all round to be honest, the police can do their paperwork and checks and get on to other things.

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me and my brother in law were looking for a micro when we heard a voice say can i help you we looked up and two policemen had pulled up to see what we were doing .

we explained what we were doing and they said we were cheating and said we should use a compass.

but they were very nice and interested and even wished us luck in finding it.

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We were in Tunisia in October and went looking for a cache that was near to the President’s summer palace. We knew we were in the right place, but no cache there. Later that day I logged a DNF, and a couple of days later I had an email from the previous cacher – he too had been in Tunisia on holiday but hadn’t logged till he got home, and then saw my DNF log. His is quite a story.




I have to say we were sorely tempted to use the co-ords of that police station, and ask if they would allow us to sign the log, but managed to persuade ourselves it mightn’t be the wisest thing to do! That cache is now archived.

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Lol. I'm sure everyone will eventually have an encounter with the Police whilst caching, I'm surprised more of us don't.


I'm fortunate that I have my own warrant card to flash back at the Police ;)


So far I've not been stopped. In the UK we have many official powers which allow us to officially stop and officially chat to people. I say officially as I stop people and chat to them all the time but it becomes official if I suspect something is not right or if I start asking you to account for your presence, possession of an item or where you've recently been.


Most common are the 'Stop and Account' and the 'Stop Search', both require the poor police officer to fill out paperwork, they'd rather not but they have to... please don't moan. The stop search gives the officer the power to use force if necessary.


If you're in certain other areas of the country then other blanket powers kick in like anti terrorism powers or powers in relation to weapons being carried. These powers are less common but they exist e.g. around Heathrow airport.


Advice from a Police Officer: Be open, honest and nice.


If you look suspicious, which we generally do, then being angry with a Police Officer for stopping you is just gonna ruin your day. :lol: Ultimately they are in just as much of a hurry as you and they hate the paperwork much more than you do. If you explain well then they will probably be most interested in what your doing and may even take a moment to help you out. It's happened. ;)

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Lol. I'm sure everyone will eventually have an encounter with the Police whilst caching, I'm surprised more of us don't.


I'm fortunate that I have my own warrant card to flash back at the Police ;)



and if I'd been a couple of hours earlier at Heartlands, you'd have nicked me to get the FTF. ;)


Sorry, we haven't met. Be nice to DHL drivers.

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> First off we have got your cache, Up and down the old cut.

> Let us start at the beginning.

> Yesterday i got an email saying that a cache had been handed in to Newport

> Police station, He asked if i could help him return it to its

> right place as it wasnt lost and wasnt stolen. He didnt know what to do with

> it or where it went just he knew it was a geocache. He went on the website

> and the closest one to the station was our Telford to castle to Telford 12.

> And so got my email address off the site.

> I picked up the cache today from the station, everything is in it.

> Our next problem was identifying who it belonged to, we hadnt done it. We

> did investigation work and found that it was yours.

> We dont know where it belongs but would like to get it to you somehow so you

> can put it back.

> We work in Telford and so can drop it somewhere for you if you would

> like.

> Let us know what you would like us to do with it.

> Cannonedwards

> ps we are claiming a find! ;)

So do i let the find stand ;)

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How's this for luck....


My first ever caching trip, on my birthday last year, resulted in a stop and search by Mr Plod and company!

Not only was I cold, it absolutely throwing it down, and I had the dubious pleasure of having my pockets searched in front of a group of muggles...

But in the end it turned out to be a humourous chat with Plod and co, and I have been left to hunt in the trees ever since, even getting a friendly wave from the same officers from their van!


Oh, and I did find the cache!

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The other day I was having trouble finding a micro and the coords took me to the door of a police station. As the hint said "Ask a Policeman" (its since been changed with the coords), so I did. :drama:

He showed interest and helped me search his emergency call box and a nearby BT phone box but without success. A few days later with the revised coords and a lot of PAF, I returned, found the cache and out of courtesey took it into the police station to show what I had been looking for without actually saying where it had been hidden beyond "in the hedge". Later in the day another cacher came along and also asked for police help to be told "Oh yes he found it in the hedge" - but they still did not find it. :drama:

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Lol. I'm sure everyone will eventually have an encounter with the Police whilst caching, I'm surprised more of us don't.


I'm fortunate that I have my own warrant card to flash back at the Police :D



and if I'd been a couple of hours earlier at Heartlands, you'd have nicked me to get the FTF. :lol:


Sorry, we haven't met. Be nice to DHL drivers.


Hell I would of nicked you for a FTF, especially that one after I had just finished nights..


I'll be nice as long as they wear their seatbelts :lol: , mind you I'm a bit meaner than Coppers Lot when it comes to traffic stuff :D

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