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How Many Caches/TBs On Your Watchlist? Why?


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I have 7 caches and 6 TBs on my watchlist. A pretty small list I imagine.


I watch caches that I've really enjoyed, that I've DNFed, or that I think will generate interesting logs.


I'm watching TBs that I've helped move along.


What about you?




PS: I wish we could add other users to a watchlist. I imagine that we can't because of privacy concerns ... ?

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Poor wording from me, sorry. I meant that I would like to be able to be notified of activities of particular/other users: their finds, their hides, notes, etc. Definitely not that I would like to be able to sign other users up to receive emails. Heavens no!




Whew! :huh:


I have 31 bugs and 3 caches on my watch list. You do not want to know how many caches I have on bookmark.

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I have about a dozen caches on my watch list, mostly the more remote caches we've done that don't see many visitors. I like to know who else makes it to the top of the mountain, and read the logs about their adventures. We also put caches that we've DNFd on the list, just to torture myself when the next cacher says "easy find". I used to watch quite a few TBs, but it got too depressing when they'd go missing, so now I try not to get too emotionally attached to other people's bugs. It's bad enough wondering where my own bugs are, so I only have the first few TBs we ever found on the list, in hopes that they'll miraculously return to the land of caching some day. I always wonder about the people who are watching our bugs and caches; who they are, where they are, why they're watching.

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We have 7 caches on our watch list. 5 of them are caches that we left an unactivated geocoin in, its fun to see who finds them and when. I delete these after the coin has been taken. One of the others is the Michigan all counties in the UP, we have finished that and its fun to see who else finishes. The last one was a "fun" one to get to, its interesting to read the logs of people who make it to it.

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I have one TB on my list and that's it. Why? Because it's mine.


Why do you need to have it on your watch list? You don't get updates like you do when you own a cache?


I know enough about TB's to know what they are when I find them...that's it. :unsure:

Well, I was getting email updates on the bug, so I figured I had it on my watchlist, but infact, it is not on there. I have nothing on my watchlist :unsure:

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