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New Cointest


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The price of coins has gone up in order to fund the creation of the Wii geocaching game.


Ok this is my favorite... I can't wait for the WII geocaching game... bushwhack at your own risk! :yikes:


Congrats surteb, thanks for the cointest Avroair.


Does this mean we DO have a winner :yikes: I thought there were SO many good ones that the random thing would be the way to go :grin:

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I received my coin today - a Sopranos Bada Bing event coin! Honestly, once I thought about it, I thought since this contest was only for a "free coin" and revolved around the rising price of geocoins, I half expected to get a penny or a nickel in the mail! Got a great geocoin instead. Thanks, Avroair!

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