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I´m having a hard time to afford to buy coins and there are a few (?!)coins that I really would like to have.

Today I was told I got a raise, not much but enough for an extra coin or too :-)

So the coin price is going up so we all can get a raise and continue to buy coins LOL


Edit for spelling, didn´t see until after it was not allowed

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Coins are more expensive because we want more exclusive geocoins.


More colours :unsure:

heavy coins :unsure:

different shapes :)

bigger coins :P

smaller coins :D

realistic coins :)

coins who smell (new idea) :)

coins beautifuller and beautifuller, and more beautifuller. :lol:


and so on


We want and go extreme and that is really expensive. :o

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The reason coins are going up is because no matter what the cost, people are buying them 'despite' what the voices in their heads are telling them!


I no longer listen to those voices in my head. Now the voices are coming out of the TV :unsure:


It must have something to do with the Democrats--no it has to do with the Republicans. No I take it back it is Cialis for sure. :unsure:

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Hmm...Yes!!!! I found it!!!!


Iti s said that goblins (sorry if I am making mistakes in my spelling etc, but I am not a good english speaker!), are hiding at the end of the Rainbow, caches with lots of geocoins!!!

If goblins are collecting and keeping all the coins.....their prices go high!!!! :unsure:


Well in case you want cheap geocoins....follow rainbows!!! I might do that! :unsure:

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Just had a math class on proof by contradiction so here goes:

Assume that geocoins were not expensive. This would mean that the coins were made out of worthless materials. This means that geocoins are worthless. However, we know that geocoins are not worthless. Therefore, geocoins must be expensive. Q.E.D.

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Cost of coins have gone up because there are people who like the color purple


Has nothing to do with people liking Whoopi Goldberg movies, wait maybe it does! If she put out something good than people would flock to theaters blowing there discretionary funds on Junior Mints and cold popcorn and warm sodas and wouldn't have anything left to buy coins with and that would drive down demand and hence the price would drop! Come on Whoopi- save us!

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wrong forum.





yep... right one :P


The little blue micro. :unsure:

Viagra's blue? I had no idea what colour it was... :unsure:


You should always look at what you're taking before you take it. :lol:


Heavy usage has been known to affect color perception in the blue range :)


Aleve can Also be blue :o

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