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Most things are related to the decrease in the number of pirates... :huh:


That's exactly what I was going to say...


But since you said it already, the rising cost of coins is the fault of the big studio execs. Since they don't have to pay the writers, they are using all that money buying geocoins, and driving up the prices. Britney Spears may also be involved...

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So all the coin companies can get all our money and then when they have it we are all living out on the streets with nothing to wear but rags and nothing to eat, and we have to beg for everthing; then the coin companies can point their boney little pointy fingers at us laughing saying HA!!! HA!!! your in this predicament because you couldn't stop buying hunks of metal :D:D:):huh:

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The coinprizes went up because the coin buyer is {are} addicted :D

They can not stop buying coins.

People do everything to purchase coins. :huh:

When they stop buying coins {example : because the husband told so}


They going to: shudder


don't make dinner anymore

get grazy


no more hugs anymore {and other things} :)

stay in the sofa all day and dawdle

cry all day



So the family and friends say please purchase a coin .


And so goes the addiction on and the coin prizes rise further :D

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Don't you mean "Coinspiracy"?


Dangit, Joni, you beat me to it!


See, a definite COINSPIRACY here!


Now for my reason... it's the government... we didn't listen and put on our tinfoil hats and the government has sent mind warping waves via our GPSr's to make us purchase more and more coins at a higher and higher price to try to avoid recession!


That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Naomi :D

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Logic: I cut down on smoking my cuban cigars so I can afford to buy some coins = Govnt loses tax income from my lack of smoking = got to get it back somehow.


Hey if I stop drinking Brandy as well?? Then coin prices will go up more!


Anyone want to send me a couple of bottles of Carlos I to keep the coins prices down?

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Taken from the web:


Causes of Inflation


There are several reasons as to why an economy can experience inflation. One explanation is the demand-pull theory, which states that all sectors in the economy try to buy more than the economy can produce. Shortages are then created and merchants lose business. To compensate, some merchants raise their prices. Others don't offer discounts or sales. In the end, the price level rises.


A second explanation involves the deficit of the federal government. If the Federal Reserve System expands the money supply to keep the interest rate down, the federal deficit can contribute to inflation. If the debt is not monetized, some borrowers will be crowded out if interest rates rise. This results in the federal deficit having more of an impact on output and employment than on the price level.


A third reason involves the cost-push theory which states that labor groups cause inflation. If a strong union wins a large wage contract, it forces producers to raise their prices in order to compensate for the increase in salaries they have to pay. The fourth explanation is the wage-price spiral which states that no single group is to blame for inflation. Higher prices force workers to ask for higher wages. If they get their way, then producers try to recover with higher prices. Basically, if either side tries to increase its position with a larger price hike, the rate of inflation continues to rise.


Finally, another reason for inflation is excessive monetary growth. When any extra money is created, it will increase some group's buying power. When this money is spent, it will cause a demand-pull effect that drives up prices. For inflation to continue, the money supply must grow faster than the real GDP.


MRJIFFY's Reason:


I think the coins are purty and I want more......:huh:

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Hello to all!!! Greetings from Rhodes, Greece!!! :lol:


I am so new to all these! :D


There are so many reasons!!!! :huh:


As I can see, you are from the States! Do I have a chance to win my first geocoin, if I live so far way (Greece)? :wub:


Geocaching is a famous world game, and everyday itis becoming more and more famous with lot's of players / company customes (I mean that many new players will make their own geocoins)!!

If something starts to have a collectable value, prices are just getting higher!


Companies who mint coins like that, use this thing to earn more money!!!


That's their job! :D


*** That's one reason! :)

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