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Best place that Ships to Canada for TB's

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I'm brand new to the hobby. Looking to buy some Travel Bugs, where's the best place to buy from that ships to Canada. I'm looking for price of bug as well as shipping. Looking for the best deal for what I get, as I'll be buying other items as well.


FYI, I'm in Guelph, ON


Thanks for the info.

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I've recently stopped dealing with GPScentral.ca ... their shipping costs are too expensive now. $15 for Canada ground service.


GPScity.ca has much better shipping rates. I just ordered a windsheild RAM mount for my GPS unit and the shipping was less than $10.


They are both based in Calgary, so there is no PST added to your order.


GPS Central seems to have a wider selection of geoswag, but GPScity has all the essentials... travel bugs, Geocaching logo patches, etc. GPS city also have better prices on the travel bugs.


GPScentral Travel bug prices

single: 7.95

4 pack: 24.95

8 pack: 42.95


GPScity Travel bug prices

single: 6.95

4 pack: 23.95

8 pack: 40.95


GPScity has some awesome items on sale right now too... the RAM mount I bought is regular $56.54. I got it for $29.95 www.gpscity.ca/ramb166ga12 Same item at GPScentral is $46.95


Have fun shopping!

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In case anyone is still looking for a good place to get TBs, check out Cachebox

They have some good prices on other things too.


Thanks to BC & MsKitty for the compliments! Yes, we happily ship to Canada for reasonable rates. Customs is always sent as a "gift" and usually does not carry a surcharge.


We also ship your order the same or the next business day and accommodate group orders as well.

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