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Can I cache with a cell phone?

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So I'm getting ready to get an new cell phone and have still yet to get a GPS to use for caching is there a cell phone that I can use just like a gps but it be both a cell phone and a gps??? If you know or have any ideas for me that would be great :laughing:

absolutely. geocache navigator. I use it for a backup and it works great all over the country. screen a bit too small to read text, but all you need is there! just $6.99 / mo.

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I use it all the time - it's much better than my Garmin for GPS, and saves me a ton of paper ;)

You'll need some GPS software for it - I use TomTom Navigator. The only time that's not great is when you're caching near to a road as the TomTom will 'snap' to the road. However, worst case, you can view the GPS coords, and navigate from that.

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