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FS: Garmin GPS Map60CSx, PDA, Software, Mounts, & More


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For your consideration is a Garmin GPS MAP60CSx, Palm PDA, City Navigator-North America, Topo US 2008, 1 GB SD card, 2 auto mount brackets, and an auto power cord.


All items we purchased at Cabela's or from Garmin directly.


Why am I selling all this stuff?

I'm just not interested in geocaching right now and would like the cash to invest into some other hobby.


Garmin GPSMAP60CSx: The unit is in great shape and comes with box and all literature and boxed accessories (manual, belt clip, USB cord, and lanyard). I also have a photo copy of the original purchase receipt from Cabela’s. Original receipt and UPC were submitted for rebate. There are no scratches on the screen and there is a little wear rubber hand grip.


Palm PDA: This unit is in great shape. It is a Palm IIIxe that is perfect for paperless geocaching. The PDA is in great shape and comes with a stylus pen and HotSysn USB connect cradle.


1 GB SD card: Only four months old and encoded once. The chip is stored in the water tight battery compartment of the GPS and with it you can store a lot of maps (e. g., I have most of the eastern USA and Texas stored with road and topographic maps).


City Navigator-North America: This in an unopened package of DVD maps. It contains detailed maps of the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


Topo US 2008: This is a complementary copy directly from Garnin. I will provide email documentation. I complained that I had just purchased the prior version of the Topo maps and had inquired prior to the purchase when the next version would be released. No one at Garmin knew any thing so I purchased the Topo package. Then what do you know, the following week 2008 Topo comes out.


2 auto mount brackets: Both are in great shape, one is a window suction mount by Garmin and the other is an adhesive mount by Garmin.


Auto power cord: This is in great shape. Used to connect the back of you GPS receiver to you car AC power/cigarette light adaptor.


All items from a smoke free household. All items will be packed and shipped with care.


Let me know your location and I'll have it preloaded for you to go geocaching with nearby geocaches, road maps, topo maps, and geocaching data loaded into the PDA.

That way you can take it out of the box and start geocaching right away.

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So it's a...hmmm, handheld computer of sorts, needs an internet connection? Is it a cell phone as well? I've never been caching before, but can understand the possible advantages of going paperless, we're trying that in the office as well. (Yeah, right. Engineers... paperless... ain't gonna happen!)


Or do you just download these files to your home computer and thence to the Palm? If I'm not ever going to geocache, what would I use the Palm for? I guess a PDA is a PDA...

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